To those in the Mississippi area, you are cordially invited to this press
conference and official signing of the Emancipation Proclamation of the
Pre-born Child. Please spread the word and invitation. Thanks!

The Last Abortion Clinic in the State of Mississippi Has Been Closed:

Operation Save America is excited to announce their newest campaign to
help end the holocaust in Mississippi and beyond. It is called
“Operation: Let My People Go, The March is not Over.” A press conference
is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15th, at Jackson Women’s Health
Organization at 2903 N. State Street, in Jackson, Mississippi at 11 AM.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, National Director of Operation Save America,
stated, “Mississippi stands on the verge of making history, the first
abortion free state in America. We are excited about this newest
development to help hasten the day. Our purpose in “Operation: Let My
People Go” campaign is to join with our black brethren to confront the
last remaining death camp in Mississippi and beyond. The racial root of
abortion that has led to black genocide must be addressed. Since our black
brethren have been made a target by this monstrosity, they hold a powerful
key to defeat it.”

Pastor James Manning from Harlem, NY will head up a team of delegates in
Jackson. He declared, “A delegation of pastors, politicians, community
leaders, and students, reminiscent of the ‘Freedom Riders,’ from all over
America will descend on The Jackson Women’s Health Organization on October
15, 2014 to close Mississippi’s only abortion mill.”

Manning will deliver the eulogy for The Jackson Women’s Health
Organization. Afterwards, an Emancipation Proclamation for the Pre-born
Child will be read and officially signed.

Mychal Massie from Daily Rant is one of the visiting team members. He
stated, “Between 1882 and 1968, there were 3,446 blacks lynched in the
United States. That is a span of 86 years. Today in the United States
there are 1,876 black babies murdered in the womb every day – which means
the total known number of blacks lynched over an 86-year period is
surpassed approximately every 45 hours. How many of those 1,876 preborn
black babies are murdered at the abortion death mill located right here in

The statistics are shocking. In Mississippi, over 80 percent are committed
against babies of color. The majority are black.

Bishop Otis Kenner II, Presiding Bishop of Kingdom Growth Fellowship of
United Churches, recently became an Operation Save America leader. He has
agreed to be OSA’s liaison to the black church in America. Coming to
Jackson for this event, Kenner believes, “It is time the slumbering spirit
that has muted the voices of the African American pastors be awakened. We
know that abortion is happening among our  members and in our communities,
yet we turn a deaf ear and have remained silent far too long. Influence is
a waste when not applied to the right circumstances. I urge pastors in
God’s stead to engage in the work of the church and join with Operation
Save America. We must stop the slaying of innocent souls that has
decimating our race and invoked God’s wrath upon our nation.”

OSA is blessed to announce that Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson from B.O.N.D., will be joining us for our event Operation: Let My
People Go in Jackson, MS. He will be there for two days.

1) Rev. Peterson is scheduled to address the media at 11 AM at the press
conference located at 2903 N. State Street Jackson, MS 39216.

2) Rev. Peterson is scheduled to address our opening rally at our host
church, Fresh Start Christian Church at 5210 Manhattan Rd, Jackson, MS
39206 at 7 PM.

3) Rev. Peterson will conclude his time in Jackson as one of the main
speakers at our pastors luncheon scheduled at 11:30 AM at our host church,
Fresh Start Christian Church.

Emancipation Proclamation for the Pre-born Child

Right after the press conference on Wednesday, October 15 at 11 AM, the
following document will be read and officially signed. All Mississippians
and out of state participants in “Operation: Let My People Go” event are
welcomed to come and sign this historic document right at the last
remaining death camp in Mississippi.

The National Emancipation Proclamation For the Pre-born Child

We, the pastors, elders, and citizens of the United States of America, do
hereby declare on this 15th day of October, in the year of our Lord, 2014,
that all children, from conception forward, are human beings. They are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among
these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In regard to these children, our government has been in rebellion against
the Law of Almighty God since January 22, 1973. The Supreme Court of the
United States of America, declared that children in their mother’s womb
were not fully human and therefore were not entitled to the full
protection of the laws of our land. Because of this open rebellion and
blatant disregard for the Law of God and for life, our nation is suffering
under the remedial judgments of God Himself. Blood is coursing down the
corridors of our schools, work places, and streets. Because we have not
hated bloodshed, bloodshed is now pursuing us (Ezekiel 35:6).

We the pastors, elders, and citizens of the city of Jackson, Mississippi
and these United Sates, do hereby this day, hold the Supreme Court of the
United States in contempt of the Court of Almighty God. We hold it in
contempt of the lives of the children it was sworn to protect. We hold in
contempt of the Court before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue
confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

By virtue of the power and authority vested in us as pastors, elders, and
members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we declare that the lives of all
children (born and preborn) are sacred to God and worthy of defense. We
with one voice decree, the preborn child shall now and forevermore be set
free to live in America. They shall be welcomed in life and protected by
law. Upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted
by the Constitution, we invoke the considerate judgment of mankind and the
gracious favor of Almighty God.

We enjoin our brothers and sisters in Jackson to join us in this noble
endeavor to speak for those children in the womb who cannot speak for
themselves (Proverbs 31:8,9).

Ascribed in the city of Jackson this 15th day of October, in the year of
our Lord, 2014.

To those who cannot make it and still want to sign this document go to
this link.