The following report comes from our brother Cal Zastrow. He is been
fighting the good fight of faith on many fronts. This is just one of them.
An Appeal to the Lord of Hosts and with determined faith we press on to
see Mississippi become an abortion free state in America. We covet your

We lost our case for a temporary restraining order/preliminary injunction
in federal district court in Mississippi today. The judge, Carlton Reeves,
 forbade as evidence my video of my arrest for reading the Bible. He then
complained that the pictures weren’t conclusive. He prevented my rebuttal
testimony of Jackson City Police Commander James McGowan’s lies, and then
declared that there wasn’t enough evidence from our testimonies.

The judge prevented us from entering the city ordinances for the
record,and then ruled that he couldn’t decide in our favor because the
ordinances weren’t entered as evidence. Unattended, big, ugly sculptures,
sandwich boards, and political signs are permitted to block entire
sidewalks, but pro-life Christians are arrested if a hand-held sign
touches the ground.

The corruption goes on
Our rights are gone
Blood money spoke
The courts are broke
Lawyers manipulate
Judges capitulate
Police lie
Babies die.