How is America viewing this election? Some are calling it a wave or
Tsunami that swept Republicans into power throughout our nation. The
Democrats spin is this election was not a repudiation of Obama, but a
signal from the American people that they want the parties to work
together. Since Harry Reid was majority leader and covered his boss,
Obama, faithfully by locking the door to Republicans to engage in
governance, what else could this election mean? Some of the Republicans
are already warming up to this bogus idea and have already made
concessions to reach across the isle.

The American people did not elect Republicans to make nice with Democrats,
but to reverse their perverse, tyrannical, and Marxist policies and laws.
If the Republicans place establishment elites in positions of power,
instead of reformers, all this hype means little as far as reversing the
course of our nation. And of course, if the Republicans continue to give
lip service to the so-called “social issues,” and not pursue justice for
the preborn nor rein in the Fascism of the homosexual agenda, God’s
judgment will continue to unravel our delusional nation.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, (And if we have any sense left
in this nation) we will remember the name of the Lord our God (Psalm
20:7). The Psalms also teach that promotion comes from the Lord. He sets
up one and knocks down another (Psalms 75:5, 6). The question is what will
they do with this promotion? If they keep the status quo, woe be unto them
and our nation.