More articles continue to be written by pro-aborts concerning OSA’s national event in Montgomery. On the one hand, they down play our numbers, influence, and impact and then they spend the rest of their time complaining about the demise of the abortion industry in Alabama and our nation. Their pride blinds them to the reality that we serve a God who watches over his word to perform it.

Here is the latest rant from Reality Check.


Alabama Senator Introduces Bill to End Abortion







Earlier this year, Personhood Alabama began presenting our legislators with a bill that would ban abortions in our state.  We received several promises of support, but none of our legislators were willing to actually introduce the bill that we gave them.  Then, God brought the legislature into an unplanned special session which began the very same week that Operation Save America held their national event in Montgomery.  This divinely orchestrated coincidence gave us the opportunity to send throngs of our nation’s most dedicated pro-life activists into the offices of our legislators all armed with copies of our bill to end abortion.  Now, one of those legislators, Senator Gerald Dial, has chosen to introduce our bill during the special session as .

is an amendment to Alabama’s fetal homicide law which removes that law’s exception for abortions.  According to current Alabama law, the term “person” “when referring to the victim of a criminal homicide or assault, means a human being, including an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability.”  This means that Alabama recognizes the prenatal child as a legal person with all of the rights inherent in that classification including the right of equal protection.  However, this same law contains a paragraph which states that “Nothing in Article 1 or Article 2 shall permit the prosecution of any person for conduct relating to an abortion.” And it also contains an additional paragraph stating that “Nothing in this section shall make it a crime to perform or obtain an abortion that is otherwise legal.” would repeal these two paragraphs thereby classifying all abortions in the state of Alabama as murder.

We are very grateful for Senator Dial’s willingness to introduce this bill, but now he needs our help.  has been referred to the Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee where it is not expected to receive much support.  We need as many of our readers as possible to contact the members of this committee and encourage them to vote in favor of .  Here is a list of the committee member and their phone numbers:

Arthur Orr (R) (Chairman) – 334-242-7891
Greg Albritton (R) – 334-242-7843
William Beasley (D) – 334-242-7868
Clyde Chambliss (R) – 334-242-7883
Priscilla Dunn (D) – 334-242-7793
Bill Holtzclaw (R) – 334-242-7854
Steve Livingston (R) – 334-242-7858
Tim Melson (R) – 334-242-7888
Trip Pittman (R) – 334-242-7897
Paul Sanford (R) – 334-242-7867
Bobby Singleton (D) – 334-242-7935
Larry Stutts (R) – 334-242-7862
Jabo Waggoner (R) – 334-242-7892
Cam Ward (R) – 334-242-7873

Please contact these senators as soon as possible.  There are only a few days left in this special session, so we need this bill to get out of committee immediately if it is to have any chance of being voted on by the full Senate.  Senator Dial has given us a great opportunity.  Let’s make sure that we don’t allow it to be wasted through inaction.  The passage of this bill would make Alabama the very first state to ban abortions since Roe v. Wade.