Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 from 6-8 PM
Soldier of the Cross Cowboy Fellowship
14788 Hwy 439 Nolanville, TX 76559

To those in the Central Texas area, we just received word that, Mrs. Molly Criner, County Clerk in Irione County, Texas, will be speaking at our next town hall meeting! Mrs. Criner is THE LAST County Clerk, in the State of Texas, resisting issuance of same-sex marriage licenses. She attempted to rally clerks, around the state, to join with her, and make a united stand. Although she came up short (by 253 clerks!), Molly has communicated to us that an overwhelming number of clerks want to resist issuing SSM licenses (in line with OVER 75% of the citizens of Texas), but are fearful of doing so. They are doing this under duress.

Members of Righteous Remnant, and Operation Save America, recently met with Mrs. Criner, as a show of support, and to ascertain what we can do, as Christians, to rally our lesser magistrates. As much as we need to hear Mrs. Criner’s story, experience, knowledge, and insight (some of which you might find surprising…..), she needs the Christian community, in Central Texas, to make a show of support for her.

Molly is a courageous woman who is risking it all to stand for The Word of GOD, liberty and the rule of law. She is OUR Kim Davis in Texas. Here is the announcement from Concerned Christian Citizens:

This Tuesday night, Sept. 8th, we have a real opportunity for equipping, encouragement and impact. We will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at Soldiers of the Cross Cowboy Fellowship at 14788 Hwy 439 Nolanville, TX 76559 254-462-8890 from 6:00-8:00 PM. We will be hearing from Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas from Waco, who will be presenting a crucial and timely message on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate — that is, what the Bible says we who love God should do when unjust laws countermand God’s laws. If we have ever needed to “DARE TO BE A DANIEL”, that time is now.

Please be there if you can this Tuesday night, and please invite all you can to join you. If you have an questions, please contact Mr. Joe Goodson, of CCC, at Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The next morning it is off to Kentucky to join other OSA leaders and saints who have rallied to free Kim Davis. Our message is simple, “SHOW US THE LAW (which they cannot produce) OR LET KIM DAVIS GO FREE!”

On Thursday, Miss Davis is scheduled to appear before the tyrant, Judge Bunning, once again. We plan on being there to support her and to call this rouge judge to recant and let her go. As you may recall, Bunning threw her in jail indefinitely without bail until she violates her faith, her oath of office, and issue licenses to same sex couples. Even from jail, she has stood strong for her Lord, His Word, the Constitution of Kentucky and the United States.

5 of her 6 deputies complied and started to issue licenses from her office in her absence. Her son, who works in the office as well, is the only one who has refused. So far, he remains a free man. When asked about this development, Miss Davis responded from jail, “those licenses are null and void.” Praise the Lord for a woman of conviction that refuses to back down in the face of tyranny.

As we go to Kentucky, the line from Robin Hood seems appropriate, “IN THE DAYS OF LAWLESSNESS, THOSE WHO KEEP THE LAW, BECOME THE OUTLAW.” Please keep us in prayer as we head to the next battlefront for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our bloodstained, perverse nation.

States of Refuge Campaign
St. Louis, MO, September 16-20, 2015

As soon as we return from Kentucky, it is off to St. Louis for our States of Refuge Campaign. To find out more about this event go to or

As you can see, there are many opportunities to get involved and support the work of the Lord within the next couple of weeks. Your prayers, participation, and support are crucial as we seek to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom to defeat the culture of death and perversion that has led to tyranny and the persecution of Christians.

Keep pressing on saints to the high calling and prize in Jesus’ name!