Kim Davis is still a Prisoner:
Only the Location of the Prison has Changed

In a crafty political “football” maneuver, Judge David Bunning caved to the moral outrage springing up from Kentucky and across the land. He wisely released Kim Davis from jail. His unjust ruling and false imprisonment of Davis created a national controversy. Judge Bunning maliciously incarcerated Davis for remaining faithful to the US Constitution, the Kentucky State Constitution, her oath of office, and the rule of law.

The very day that Republican presidential candidates and nationally known public figures arrived in town to stand with Davis, tyrant Judge Bunning became a shrewd politician by releasing her.

Although Judge Bunning claims to have freed Mrs. Davis, she is still in prison– only the location has changed. She is still a prisoner of conscience. Her imprisonment merely shifted from the Carter County Detention Center to her own county clerk’s office. Judge Bunning has ordered Davis to follow the lawlessness of the Supreme Court and his court by forbidding her to interfere with the issuing of marriage licenses to same sex partners. Thus, she remains a political prisoner to these tyrannical decrees.

For Fifteen Hundred years of Western Jurisprudence this was the thinking of our for-bearers, “When humans laws do not comport with God’s laws, they are no laws at all.”

Same sex marriage is against the laws of Almighty God, Kentucky, and the United States of America!

“Those who forsake the law praise the wicked; those who keep the law contend with them.” Proverbs 28:4.

Contact: Rev. Rusty Thomas, National Director, Operation Save America