• After two and half days of meetings hammering out the “Rally the Lesser Magistrate” national campaign, I come way energized by what was accomplished by great men of God during this appointed time. The outline of the vision is being filled in and the skeleton of the mission is adding flesh and sinew to this body of believers who are committing to make this vision a reality. There will be more details forth coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Another Chapter in the Book of Coincidences

Right after Operation Save America completed our “Let Justice Roll” event in Orlando, FL, news just broke that the main notorious abortionist in that area, James Pendergraft, was arrested again. This time in South Carolina operating a “mobile abortion clinic.” He was caught with bloody instruments and remains of baby tissue in his car, along with illegal drugs. He was performing abortions without a license. His license had been taken away several times. Currently, it has been taken away indefinitely.

Though we mainly concentrated on Planned Parenthood with godly action and prayer in Orlando, we did beseech the Lord to bring down Pendergraft’s bloody empire. He already has a vast history of arrests, prison sentences, legal problems, and owes a 36,000.000.00 lawsuit. This latest arrest adds to his burgeoning woes for kicking against the goads and refusal to repent for his bloody, deceitful ways.

Proverbs warns, “He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy” (Proverbs 29:1). Pendergraft is well on his way to seeing this truth come to pass in his life. May he repent before it is too late for his wicked soul.