Mark Pody obeyed His Lord and presented his bill of interposition and nullification to the Civil Justice subcommittee today. Christians packed the hearing room and the hallways. About 15-20 supporting homosexual marriage showed up as well. Though the committee was gracious and allowed a hearing, it was a foregone conclusion to the matter. Four out of the five killed the bill in committee.

They brought in an influential pro-family Christian man who helped to pass the Tennessee amendment to their constitution that defined marriage as one man and one woman. His purpose, it seemed to me, was to run the political interference necessary to derail the bill. This same man had included in the language of the amendment back in 2006 that this would be the law in Tennessee regardless of any future court rulings. Even though that is the law he helped to establish, he had concerns that their might be a price to pay to defend it. God forbid! In fact, one committee member said that he did not want to be a martyr. How silly would it be to follow our Lord’s example and die for what we believe?

Most of them seemed to be against the Supreme Court decision that unleashed homosexual marriage upon us, but thought that a different strategy or methodology was needed. So, it looks like they are going to file two lawsuits tomorrow in the courts to try preserve marriage in the state of Tennessee.

Are you kidding me? Is it wisdom to go back to the courts that has been the exposed area for decades that Satan has exploited to unleash hell upon our nation? Is it a prudent course to pursue justice from the one system of government that has proven time and again to render injustice, corruption, tyranny, and lawlessness? This is nothing more than chickens once again running to the fox in hopes of finding protection from the wolves.

Some on the committee thought interposition and nullification were nothing more than anarchy, rebellion, and lawlessness. They stated that our a nation was a country governed by law, we do not want to be ruled by men. Agreed, but they did not seem to understand, it is Washington DC that has dispensed with our laws and we are now being ruled by the political whims of men. Interposition and nullification are not the source of anarchy, rebellion, and lawlessness, they are the solution to end these wicked maladies.

At some point, however, even if these lawsuits work, they will still have to be defended. By what means shall they be defended? By the very means they rejected today, interposition and nullification.