On my way back to Wichita yesterday, I received an interesting phone call from HBO. They are interested in coming to be embedded within OSA for our national event in Wichita from July 16-23. They desire to film a documentary on the battle over abortion in America. They are curious about what the future may hold, plus, the history of the battle as it relates to Wichita. Specifically, what happened at the Summer of Mercy event that changed the course of abortion in America.
As we share the vision and mission of our national event from July 16-23, it is becoming clear that this project is taking on a life of its own. Diverse entities are interested in what may happen for a variety of reasons. Regardless, it now looks like with HBO’s involvement, our Biblical messages and godly activities will go international. Obviously, the need for intercession to make sure we stay faithful to God and speak the truth in love to overcome the culture of death has risen exponentially.


Letter Sent to 600 Pastors in Wichita

Our boots on the ground in Wichita have been diligent to spread the vision and mission. A dear brother who fought the battle back in 1991 is letting us use his contact list of 600 pastors to promote the Summer of Justice. This is the letter that went out. There will be more to follow.


Operation Save America (OSA), whose mission is for repentance and restoration of America, is planning their national event in Wichita this summer commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. OSA is partnering with the Wichita “church” for a week of events that are scheduled for July 16th through the 23rd.


The 1991 Summer of Mercy signaled a significant turning point in the battle against child killing in America as well as Wichita. In 1991 there were 2167 free standing abortion mills in America and four in Wichita. Today there are 517 mills defiling our nation and one left in Wichita.


Prolife Christians in America have unfinished kingdom business that we must complete in Jesus’ name.


We are calling all prolife Christians and churches in Wichita and across Kansas to mark your calendars, pray, and prepare your hearts for this monumental event.


“The gates of hell will not prevail against the church of the living God.”(Matt. 16:18)


“Dear Pastor/Local Church Leader,


The Prolife movement is clearly winning nationally. It is time to shine the light again in Wichita, Kansas. The legal free speech rights as churches and believers are a powerful tool to push back darkness. When we as Christians sing and pray and speak the word at the actual clinic abortion reduces and sometimes stops. All of us as one church are unstoppable. This is the first letter of several to help keep you informed related to this week of events and encourage you to participate and bring others.


Pastor Rob Ratola

Word of Life Church”


For more information: www.operationsaveamerica.org


Lastly, the Lord opened the door to meet with Dick Bott who runs 102 radio stations throughout America. He is completely on board to promote the event nationwide. God willing, we will meet this Thursday to come up with a plan.


God is moving and opening incredible doors. Right after Wichita, it will be off to Montgomery, AL to stand with Chief Justice Roy Moore. They are having a rally at 300 Dexter Ave at the Alabama Supreme Court on May 21st, at 11 AM. They asked me to share a brief exhortation in support of Chief Justice Roy Moore. Right afterwards, there will be a meeting with the locals to discuss how we can all help in the future.


Keep pressing on saints and I hope you are making plans to come to Wichita. It is shaping up to be quite a time in the Lord’s providence.