Summer of Justice, Friday, July 22nd, 2016

“Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, Because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger” (Psalms 8:2)

As we are winding down the Summer of Justice event, we set our face like flint towards serving our Lord today. Soon our children will lead the charge at the gates of hell. They will not prevail. Pastor Dale Sochia has trained our little ones on how to serve God in the midst of the culture of death. They will lead in worship, prayer, and the proclamation of God’s Word. God’s Word promises as He hears the babes praise Him the enemy and the avenger will be silenced. May God watch over His Word to perform it.

We have another team reaching out to the police throughout Wichita. They are going with banners to all the sub-stations to let them know we care and are praying for them. They will also be handing out the Open Letter to the Police in America. It is a brief treatise that reveals the church’s responsibility towards them and their responsibility towards God who delegated authority. It goes on to explain why the increase of violence that has now targeted and ambushed police throughout America. It calls upon the police to repent and join the Church of Jesus Christ to break the Covenant with Death that now stalks the land and come back to their lawful duty, which is protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood. If you will go to and find our press release and the Open Letter to the Police in America and help spread it far and wide. OSA truly believes this is the Word of the Lord for our nation at this critical juncture.

Right after Psalm 8:2 day at the abortion clinic, we are mustering for our Summer of Justice March in downtown Wichita. There are three strategic locations that we will address along our march route. An anthem will lead as we march. It exalts the Crown Rights of our King, Jesus Christ. First stop are the courts. A powerful prophetic song will sound forth as Pastor Ante reveals how the enemy has used the courts of our land to kill, steal, and to destroy.

Next stop along the route will be the Department of Justice (injustice). Another song will go forth and we will address the state’s failure to defy the tyranny of the courts and do their duty to interpose. The last stop will be the Church. Our message is clear. The courts have targeted our children. The state has failed to defend them and the Church can no longer do the same. It is time to repent and rescue those unjustly sentenced to death.

Tonight, we will have our last rally. It is dedicated to address the deadly wound of abortion upon the Church and our nation. It is called Come out of the Shadows. By God’s grace, we are going to speak the truth in love and pray that God powerfully intervenes to deliver His people from this evil. We will seek the Lord to bind up this deadly wound and set the captives free.

Tomorrow, we will conclude our event with Word in Warfare at the gates of hell. OSA has proclaimed God’s Word at 7 key locations in Wichita, from Genesis to Jude. This leaves the saints with the last book, the Book of Revelation, to declare at South Wind abortion mill.

Lastly, there are some major prophetic messages that need to spread far and wide from Wichita. They are the Open Letter to the Police in America and our two newest booklets, The Offering of Cain: The Paradigm Shift to End Abortion and Endurance in the Battle. You can download these materials for If you want hard copies of the booklets contact me with your address and we will send them to you after we get home. There is no charge, but donations are welcomed. Thanks!