Post Election Thoughts:

The Populist movement in America fueled a Trump victory. They defied the odds, confounded the political pundits, and granted America a reprieve from full blown tyranny that would have been the inevitable fruit of another Clinton administration.

The American people took on both establishments, the global elites, the banksters, and said no to their agenda. This election is part of a revolution that is taking place throughout the world. It is a continuation of Brexit.

The Benham Brothers commenting on the election stated, “Tyranny will crush a nation, but populism will corrupt it – unless principle is at the foundation.” I agree. As stated previously in my Prepare for Increase article, “This election will determine to what degree we will have to prepare for an increase of opposition. If Trump wins, though a donkey of a man, we may receive a reprieve from overt persecution. In other words, he will not use the federal beast like Hillary to crush us. As a result, we will need to prepare for an increase of effort in spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom during this window of opportunity. Storming the gates of hell, establishing the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, and calling ourselves, the church, and our nation to repentance will be a must.”

Does a Trump victory mean he will take on directly the abominable roots of our woe as a nation? I think not. Though, I do believe he may have an influence indirectly. Depending on who he surrounds himself with and those he appoints as Department Heads, this will determine to what degree, he is committed to drain the swamp in Washington DC.

Will Trump be successful in making America great again? He may help us economically, militarily, and rebuild our failing infrastructure, but treating the symptoms alone will not, in and of itself, make America great again. No, if America is ever to be great again, the church of Jesus Christ must become good again. Otherwise, what happened historically to empires that fell previously will be repeated in America. Before complete collapse, empires received merciful reprieves. Unfortunately, they refused to take advantage of the opportunity and continued headlong into perdition.

We have a window of opportunity. Do not go back to sleep. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Church become salt and light as if our future hangs in the balance, because it certainly does.