To those who may not be aware our OSA Truth Truck broke down right before our national event in Wichita. It has been parked and collecting rust ever since. I recently talked with brother Johnny Brekeen, our faithful Truth Truck driver, and we are coming up with a plan to get the truck fixed and back on the road where it belongs. It truly is a major part of spreading the Lord’s message every where we go in service to our King and the little ones made in His image.

It needs another transmission and other repairs to get it road worthy again. Johnny found a used transmission for 1,350.00. He is talking to brother Alan Hoyle to come help to replace the transmission and repair the other malfunctions with the truck. We are needing about 2,000.00 to git-r-dun.

If you are led by God’s Spirit to help underwrite this project, please send your offerings to OSA, P.O. Box 740066, Dallas, TX 75374 or you can go online to and make a donation there. It would be great to have it fixed and ready to go for our upcoming Leadership Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky from February 2-5, 2017.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter and may you all have a blessed New Year in God’s Kingdom.” – Rusty Thomas