To those who were present at our national event in Wichita, you may remember Miss Tina. She courageously shared her testimony at our last rally, which we called “Come out of the Shadows.” Through meeting her before the national event and ministering to her, God granted her the courage and humility to confess publicly that she murdered her preborn child. A great weight was lifted from her and she, for the first time, experienced healing and deliverance from the sin and crime of abortion.

Since that time, God has birth her into ministry to help set other captives free. This is her amazing testimony.


Blessings in our Lord, Savior and Ultimate HEALER, JESUS CHRIST!

My name is Tina Mann and Claudine graciously asked me to share a little bit of my story on her Prayer Warrior conference call. I was honored to do so!

I’m writing this email as a follow up to what I shared. My heart is to see my Brothers and Sisters in Christ find complete FREEDOM from any and ALL past sin. I want to speak specifically to the damaging weight of abortion in one’s past. Over 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe vs Wade was demonically thrust upon our nation.

MANY, MANY believers have been affected by this painfully, deep sin. I was one of them. It’s been the hardest thing for me to discuss openly. STILL IS. But I stand on the promise God gives us in James 5:16, ” Therefore, confess your sins to EACH OTHER and PRAY for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

So many of us tell only God our sin and ask for His forgiveness. Praise God He is a merciful God! “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:9. GOD FORGIVES US!! But He tells us to humbly share our sin with our Brothers and Sister to be HEALED!

VERY IMPORTANT! If we live with dark, secret, sin in the closets of our hearts and minds, we give the enemy power to use that sin to torment us. God tells us in John 10:10, “The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” I lived in severe pain from the sin of an abortion I had when I was 17 years old. I grew up knowing abortion was murder but I still chose to have one when I was faced with an unplanned, teen, pregnancy. Yes, there were others encouraging me to commit this sin, including the father of the child, a close family member and friends, BUT I chose to commit this sin.

This was the first step to my TRUE healing, admitting MY part in the sinful act of murdering my unborn, child. (even though it was completely legal). I KNOW this is HARSH to say and to hear! But until I was able to come into agreement with God of the sin abortion; (murder) calling it what it is in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, I was unable to have FREEDOM. It was deeply painful for me to admit this but once I did, things began to change.

I had been in and out of therapy for decades because of this sin but found little relief. Because of the guilt, shame, remorse and self-loathing I experienced, due to the abortion, (and others issues) I chose to marry an abusive man and stayed in that abusive marriage for over 2 decades. I felt the treatment I received from my abusive ex-husband was what I deserved. The enemy’s LIES twisted my thinking. I was in bondage to the pain I suffered. But is that what my Gracious, Loving, Heavenly Father wanted for me?? NOOO! Jesus died to SET CAPTIVES FREE, not to suffer in continual bondage!

PRAISE BE TO GOD with what He has done in my life!! I was set free from my abusive marriage and started gaining healing. God in is His tender mercy led me to a godly, loving, supportive husband who has changed my life! My life is nothing short of a MIRACLE!

And, although, I was free of abuse and was starting to see myself the way my Heavenly Father saw me, I STILL suffered from my past shame of abortion. But God WAS working on me! I was applying the principle found in James 5:16 but I wasn’t finding complete freedom. The reason I wasn’t was because I was down playing MY sin. I wanted to blame everyone else for the abortion I experienced. It wasn’t until I came in agreement with God of my sin (murder of my unborn child) that I started finding victory!

But there was even more to it. When a women or man goes through with an abortion, there is very little grieving. With a miscarriage or a stillbirth or the death of a child, great grieving takes place. Not so, typically, with abortion, we don’t want to FEEL those feelings of loss and grief so we stuff our feelings, deep in our heart, downplay the sin, pretend it didn’t happen and minimize everything. Causing deep, gaping wounds of pain, shame and guilt. These are the steps God led me through to FINALLY give me freedom. Even though I had been through LOTS of therapy, nothing gave me much relief until I followed these steps.

STEP 1. Come into agreement with God of the sin of murder. Owning what we have done before God, seeking His forgiveness and BELIEVING He is faithful to do so! God has forgiven Paul, David and Moses for murder! He FORGIVES US!!!

STEP 2. Name the child and GRIEVE the loss. This is VERY important! We must recognize the child that was aborted and know that, as believers, we WILL see this child again!

STEP 3. Share with someone you trust. Admit your sin and don’t downplay or blame others of your part. Because it is such a painful thing to admit, we want to blame everyone else for what we have done but can never be free of ANYTHING in our lives if we refuse to take responsibility for our own sin and actions.

STEP 4. Give the child to GOD! God is a perfect parent!! He loves our child more than we ever could! This child is safe and happy in Heaven! Praise God for that!!

The most important thing I have learned, after DECADES of living in secret agony from the sin of abortion, is that we can’t hide our sin from God! We MUST admit it to Him, seek His perfect forgiveness and REST IN IT!!! KNOW that He is faithful and just forgive our sin! God wants us HEALED!!!

I have never been this full of peace and joy that I have RIGHT NOW! I have healing from my past sin, a wonderful, godly husband, amazing children, family and friends. I work to help disciple other women who have suffered as I have. Helping to direct them the freedom and victory God has given me!

I pray these words fall on the hearts of those who need them!
Blessings in our PRECIOUS LORD and SAVIOR JESUS!

Tina Mann