Over one hundred national leaders and locals showed up for the Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America Leadership Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Arriving from all over America, leaders and their families participated in morning street activities, afternoon and evening worship and leadership sessions. Vision and mission was cast for the New Year. Preliminary planning for the national event moved closer to completion. Everything we had envisioned and prayed for to the Lord was graciously fulfilled.

Thursday Night

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas welcomed the leaders and saints to Louisville, Kentucky. He introduced the vision for the national event that is taken from the book of Esther, “For such a time as this.” Taking a cue from Esther and her dealing with the Covenant of Death threatening her people, the call was to follow her example in the hopes God will end the Covenant of Death in our day.
There is one death camp remaining in Kentucky. The Bluegrass state stands on the verge of making history by becoming the first surgical, abortion free-state in America. And make no mistake; OSA working in conjunction with the local churches is working to see this come to pass in Jesus’ name!

Rev. Thomas also expounded on the 2017 leadership theme, which was “Prepare for Increase.” Building on the cry of the Apostles to increase their faith, this session centered on preparing for increase in service, increase through pruning, and increase of influence. Rev. Thomas shared that the tide is turning. We are in a new season. To those who have remained faithful in the battle, a time of reaping has come. Because certain saints embraced a persecuted truth and faithfully proclaimed an unpopular message, they are now in a position of greater influence.

Friday Morning

Truth Truck Bearing Witness to the Truth at the Gates of Hell

Leaders rolled out of bed, bundled up against the frigid cold, and were standing in the dark by 6 am at a public high school. Another team set up at the last remaining death camp in Kentucky. All heaven came down and all heck broke loose.

The media had a field day as the school lied about our message and actions. This was Rev. Thomas’ response to the false accusations:
The Christians who came to the school in the love and truth of Christ were polite, kind, and respectful. Those who say different were either not there, were sorely misinformed, or are outright lying. They are merely projecting upon us the evil of their own deceitful hearts.
There was no screaming, yelling, or forcing young people to take our literature. We made it available and to those who were interested we shared the truth of God’s word and exposed the horrible sin and crime of abortion that has destroyed 1/3rd of their generation. These young people are our future and we do not want them to repeat the same immorality that has led to the slaughter of our own sons and daughters. This bloody insanity must end if we want our young people to enjoy a future and a hope.

Perhaps God will be pleased to open their eyes, break their hearts, and use them to restore our nation back to our own national creed, which includes the inalienable right to life. For without this right no other so-called right means much to a dead baby murdered by the ones that should be their greatest protectors, their own fathers and mothers.

We are such a wicked, evil, and hypocritical people that are so full of blood lust and lies. We are great at pretending in our deceitful pride that we are taking the high moral ground by “protecting” the children from the horrible truth that our sins have brought upon them and our perverted, bloodstained nation. Well did Jesus speak of this when He stated, “You strain at a gnat (Ministering the Gospel at a government run humanistic temple) and swallow a camel (While babies are murdered and our nation parades its sin like Sodom).
Take a good long hard look in the mirror my friends before you rashly speak and then repent, and believe the Gospel. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Gov. Bevin Addressing OSA Leaders

At the death camp, the Lord rewarded our efforts with one confirmed save. Afterwards, OSA had a divine appointment with the Governor of Kentucky. The Governor of Kentucky publicly addressed us for 30 minutes. He really did not share with us much politically. He ministered from God’s word and called us to authentic, genuine Christianity. Afterwards, he graciously gave us some private time as well. We were able to pray for him and challenge him with the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate and the abolition of abortion. He told Pastor Matt Trewhella and the rest of us that he read the book and has passed it to others.

Pastor Matt gave him a signed copy, plus other important materials, along with this cover letter that we signed. Keep the Governor and our OSA vision and mission in prayer as we plan and prepare for our national event in Louisville, KY “For Such A Time As This.” Here is the letter.

February 3rd, 2017

Dear Honorable Governor Bevin,

All praise be unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
We were honored to have you speak to our gathering today. There are too few magistrates who understand their duty in the sight of God. We believe He has raised you up and placed you in office as governor at this important juncture in our nation’s history.

The matter of interposition is critical in this desperate hour. We have a federal judiciary that is lawless and out of control. They have declared the preborn to be open game to those who kill for profit and have perverted the created order of God regarding marriage. All other branches of government bow down to SCOTUS even when it issues unjust/immoral, and unconstitutional opinions. The interposition of the state magistrates is needed and necessary.

We have enclosed a short 3-minute video on a thumb drive which convincingly demonstrates that ‘judicial supremacy’ is a fiction. We ask that you watch it.

Be assured of this Governor Bevin – the federal judiciary must be defied.

May the Lord give you strength of heart and mind in the days ahead, and may you do right by Him. Just know as you courageously stand, you do not stand alone. There is a just God who presides over the nations who will honor those who honor Him. There are also Christians and Americans of good will throughout Kentucky and America who will rally to support you in Jesus’ name!

Separated unto the Gospel,
Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
National Director, Operation Save America

Pastor Matt Trewhella
National Director, Missionaries to the Preborn
Author of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

Friday Afternoon Session

Rev. Thomas built on the theme of preparing for increase. The essence of his 2nd message dealt with increase of service in light of growing older and our physical limitations. We must invest in the next generation and successfully pass the Kingdom baton to them. We need to prepare them to go further up and in to complete the task to end the evil in our nation.

He also ministered on the reality that the closer we get to victory; we need to prepare for the increase of warfare. The enemies of the Lord are aware that their time is short, thus, they are full of fury (Revelation 12:12). Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
The Washington DC March for Women reveals the paradigm shift. Since Roe vs. Wade, it has been our side marching for a change. No longer, the pro-aborts are now taking it to the streets. What do they sense happening that we are not discerning? They think their problem is President Trump. He is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump is a tremor compared to the earthquake coming. It appears they see the writing on the wall and their once guarded goods are in danger and they are freaking out. Even so, Lord Jesus, arise as the stronger man to plunder their evil agenda, end abortion now, and set the captives free.

Friday Night Session

Our Friday night session featured Pastor Matt Trewhella who brought a strong prophetic word to OSA. He mentioned that we are a prophetic group called to prophetically confront the church and state in our sins, failures, and abominations. He then used God’s Word to point out the pitfalls, snares, and traps associated with this prophetic call. God used Pastor Matt to challenge OSA to take inventory and to examine ourselves in the light of Scripture to make sure we do not fall for the enemies wiles and to stay true to the vision and mission of God in these tumultuous days. It was a much needed message as we move forward to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom to defeat the culture of death savaging our nation.

Saturday Morning Street Activity

Once again, we woke up early in the freezing cold to confront the gates of hell. The Lord rewarded the prayers and efforts of the saints with three confirmed saves. There was much rejoicing that warmed our hearts while our bodies still froze. Afterwards, we went to a medical facility that staffs the local abortionist named Tanya Franklin. We set up signs, cranked up the sound system, and passed out flyers that exposed the unholy alliance.

We called this health care facility to repent and break all ties with this abortionist. If they do not by the time of our national event, this will be a major pressure point that we will exploit to prayerfully force Miss Franklin to an ultimatum. Either go full time in legitimate healthcare or go full time in abortion. To do both, will becoming increasingly hard to do as your murderous activities are disclosed to the medical community and patients. Here is the flyer we passed out.

Saturday Afternoon Session

We started the afternoon session by showing a video message from Pastor Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church. He briefly shared how God recruited him in the battle through the work of Lisa Metzger and the message from Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas that was featured in the documentary Babies are Murdered Here. He then mentioned the threefold plan to end abortion now in America. OSA will be partnering with him to bring it to pass. And lastly, he is going to try and be there with his crew to be one of our rally speakers at the national event this July from the 22-29, 2017.

Later that session, some OSA leaders shared how this pass year they experienced the increase that verified the message and theme of our leadership meeting. Doc Johnston shared on the incredible adventure of making his first film called The Reliant. He challenged everyone to move forward in faith to see God given dreams come true. His wife Elizabeth shared about her phenomenal success with her latest social media ministry called The Activist Mommy. Some of her video posts has seen over 10 million views as her godly influence continues to grow. Coach Dave Daubenmire ended the session with many rousing examples on how we are beginning to win the battle. He urged us to press on and not grow faint in well doing. For in due time, we shall reap.

Saturday Evening Session

Our last session consisted of hearing from local pastors and Christian leaders that we will be privileged to partner with in the great cause of Christ and the little ones made in the image. They welcomed us to their area and expressed gratefulness for our willingness to come along side to help them rid their state of the last remaining death camp defiling the land.

Sunday Morning Church Service

The host church CrossRoad graciously opened the door for Rev. Thomas to preach. Some of the OSA saints that were still in the area attended the meeting. Rev. Thomas shared from the Scriptures and his own testimony how God recruited him into the battle and how the Lord sustained him in the battle. The congregation was moved, some actually to tears, as God’s message penetrated many hearts. Some of the local leaders who shepherd the flock mentioned that some of the saints there that were hesitant to be involved in times past were now going to join them in the fight. We rejoice in the good fruit that was birthed during our time at the Leadership Meeting.

Clearly, the first great step has been taken. Powerful truths and good Kingdom fruit have been set in motion. We planted, watered, and we are trusting God for the increase. Please join with us now to pray and intercede for the national event in Louisville, Kentucky from July 22-29, 2017. Also, plan on joining with us at the appointed time in Jesus’ name!