This is a letter that was published in our Waco Paper yesterday by my lovely bride, Kendra. She may have kind, sweet heart, but she wields a sharp pen in service of our King and the little ones made in His image.

As a lifelong Republican and conservative activist, I’m deeply disappointed in the Republican Legislature’s unwillingness to move HB 948, a bill to abolish abortion, through committee. During the Republican convention, 88 percent of delegates, myself included, voted to make this a “legislative priority” this legislative session. Apart from a handful of brave conservatives, there is no movement to bring it to the floor for a vote.

In flagrant disregard of the will of Texas Republicans, this important bill will likely die in committee. Preborn babies aren’t “agendas,” “next sessions,” “vacancies on the court,” “exceptions,” “things to regulate,” “planks in party platforms” or poker chips to wager elections on. Preborn babies are real human beings. And they are dying horrible, torturous deaths while you argue legalese, arm wrestle rules and procedures and wait for the next political season.

Make your deals with the devil. Pat yourself on the back. Bow low to the Court. But God will hold you accountable for what you do and what you don’t do. It’s time to end abortion now. Abolish abortion in Texas.