This national press release is scheduled to go out Tuesday morning. Your prayers are appreciated and welcomed.

Kentucky Mountain Bible College Responds to the Continued Baby-Murdering Tyranny by the Federal Judiciary

U.S. District Judge Greg Stivers has issued his opinion that babies should continue to be slaughtered at the last remaining surgical abortuary in Kentucky. His opinion is included in a temporary restraining order trying to prevent Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin from upholding the law and closing down the illegal EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville.

Professor David Street, who leads KMBC in peaceful, Christian efforts to save lives, commented: “Courts cannot make laws. That is legal fiction and pretend legislation and we, in the state of Kentucky, will no longer pay homage to the Roe paradigm that allows such evil to continue in our state. We are counting on Governor Matt Bevin to ignore this lawless usurpation and do his duty to establish justice by abolitioning abortion in our state.

Street continues: “We also call upon our elected federal representatives and senators to do their sworn duty by impeaching and removing Judge Stivers. The Constitutional chain needs to be reapplied to check the lawlessness and tyranny being committed by the federal judiciary in the name of the law. Here in Kentucky, we are in a race with other states to make redemptive history. We seek to be the very first one to protect every preborn child, by love and by law. This dehumanizing and murdering of children must stop in the Name of Jesus!”