Since the Rescue, doors have opened to share our vision and mission with ABC, NPR, and a Swedish news agency. ABC is working with a team from Netflix on a documentary that will address the state of abortion in America and its future. They are coming to our pretrial on July 11th, and will return to film at our national event on Monday, July 24th, and Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.

It is through these interviews, we’ve had the opportunity to share on breaking the old Roe paradigm and no longer fight this battle based upon the premises of those who advocate baby murder. We told them we are creating a new paradigm based upon the tried and true foundations of God’s Word and its historical lessens as it was applied in times past to end the evil of our age once and for all. The doors opened to address the doctrines of interposition and its importance on both the church and the state level and the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.

They are coming to see what impact this will have on Kentucky and how that may influence other states to follow their lead by Ignoring Roe, Establishing Justice, and by banning All Abortions Now in Jesus’ name!

Keep praying saints and make plans to join us “For Such a Time as This.”