This is our first skirmish as we head to Louisville for our national event. If you are in Kentucky or Indiana, we need you to rally troops to go to the press conference and attend the meeting in support of freedom to minister the Gospel at the gates of hell.

Press Conference Addressing Proposed Barricade Ordinance by Metro City Council in Louisville that Denies 1st Amendment Rights

On Wednesday, July 19th at 2:30 pm local church leaders and concerned Christian citizens will conduct a press conference. The location for the press conference is 601 W Jefferson, Louisville. The purpose is to publicly discuss the barricade ordinance proposed by the Metro City Council Safety Committee. Under the guise of safety, this committee unduly influenced by the EMW abortion business, is seeking to outlaw the exercise of Christianity in the public sphere.

The public sidewalk is the quintessential forum for Freedom of Speech, Freedom to peaceably Assemble, and Freedom of Redress of Grievances. Pastors, Christian leaders, and concerned citizens will make known their opposition to this proposed tyranny. Under no circumstances is the church of Jesus Christ prepared to surrender their duty before God to love their neighbors or surrender their 1st Amendment Rights enshrined in the Constitution.

The following letter written by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, National Director of Operation Save America has been sent by certified mail to each member of the Metro City Council Safety Committee. It succinctly addresses the issue at hand.

Dear Metro City Council member:

The standard Christians have followed down through the ages is that when the state commands us to do what God forbids, or forbids us to do what God commands, “We must obey God rather than man.”

Supporters of a “safety zone” have crafted the issue before you to appear as a “public safety issue.” In reality, it’s a religious/freedom issue.

My name is Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, national director of Operation Rescue National/ Operation Save America. I send this letter to you in the mighty name of Jesus. It is at His name that every knee shall bow, (including your own) and every tongue confess, (including your own) that He is Lord to the glory of the Father.

Civil government is to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood. This truth is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. Governments are instituted among men to protect the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our government has once again betrayed its sacred trust. Local, state, and federal agencies now defend the indefensible, the murder of our own sons and daughters in the name of choice.

Roe vs. Wade codified evil into law and those who murder the innocent are currently protected, while those who peacefully seek to defend innocent life are reprimanded by our culture of death. It is no surprise therefore that this council is considering setting up a “safety zone.” If members of the council do not have the moral conviction to protect the right to life of the preborn child, then this council will probably have no qualms in removing our other inalienable rights to liberty— the rights of religious practice, freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, and freedom to redress grievances that we have with our government that protects child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood.

As God is our witness, we will never give up our duty to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom at the gates of hell, nor will we surrender our constitutional rights to the public sidewalk. If you persist in denying our 1st Amendment rights, be assured, this city will be held accountable.

Metro City Council, we plead with you to hearken to the principles enshrined in the Constitution. Otherwise, Louisville will be sued for violating our duty before God and by denying our constitutional rights.

We are all commanded by God to love our neighbor as ourselves (This commandment is also bringing upon you). If this ordinance becomes law, the city of Louisville will have outlawed the exercise of Christianity in the public sphere. We are churchmen. If you force us to choose between our faith and an immoral, unjust and unconstitutional city ordinance- Louisville loses.

We implore you to repent and enact a true safety zone- one that would protect the innocent preborn, instead of seeking to protect those who are guilty of murdering them for blood money.


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas,
National Director, Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America