Greetings in Jesus Name,


Operation Rescue National (ORN)/Operation Save America (OSA) recently visited your city to bring to light the gross injustice of the shedding of the innocent blood of preborn children and the destruction of American families through abortion.  Gentle Christians came to the streets to peacefully interpose on behalf of those innocent pre-born children scheduled to die through abortion in Louisville.


We are writing to commend the many professional police officers we encountered during the week long memorial and Gospel outreach we called “For Such a Time as This.” They were indeed Louisville’s finest.


Rev. Chet Gallagher, a former Las Vegas, NV Law Enforcement Officer, functions as both Assistant Director of OSA and as Police Liaison. He began communicating with LMPD senior officers several weeks prior to our arrival. He and local ORN/OSA leader, Pastor Mark Cox, advised me that the communication, preparation and planning with LMPD staff was from the very beginning, “as good as it gets.” We appreciated working with the leadership team assembled under Deputy Chief Gregory Burns Jr.  Please communicate our gratitude to them and all of their fellow officers for protecting and serving our members and their families while we were serving in Louisville.


Each of these officers, in our view, went above and beyond what we have experienced in most other jurisdictions during previous ORN/OSA events. We were kept safe because both supervisors and the officers under your command remained vigilant, available and on high alert performing professionally throughout the entire week-long of activities. Consequently, our members and their families freely and securely exercised their First Amendment rights of religious expression, assembly, and more.


Our three pre-event meetings demonstrated that LMPD senior staff was fully committed to serving their community. They also provided the necessary police service required to facilitate our activities throughout the city.


Additionally, we appreciated the testimony of LMPD First Division Commander, Major Eric W. Johnson, during the Metro City Council’s meeting. When they were considering a permanent establishment of a “safety zone,” Major Johnson testified that LMPD had a long-standing and successful history of policing activities at that location. Not only did he express his confidence in his officers’ ability to maintain order, but went on to testify that he and other LMPD senior staff had met with OSA leadership. As a result of those meetings, he believed us when we said there would be no blockade of the EMW entrance during upcoming scheduled event. We kept our word and the police did an outstanding job.


As a side note, we still believe there needs to be a safety zone there. It is just not the one put forth by the Metro City Council. It is the preborn, the innocent victim, that needs to be protected, not the perpetrators who murder them for blood money.


This leads me to my last admonishment. The times in which we live are simply not normal times.  There is a thin blue line between the police and complete anarchy in our nation. We grieve, with you, over the slaughter of so many of our valiant Police Officers around the country. Many search for answers to the senseless slaughter and violence savaging our people. The Christian worldview shaped by the Bible forms the lens through which we can accurately view the world and bring relevant answers to our dilemmas.


A biblical principle that accounts for much of the violence that plagues America is discovered in Hosea 4:2. God’s Word warns, “Bloodshed touches bloodshed” or, as one translation states, “Bloodshed pursues bloodshed” (Hosea 4:2). This truth acts as spiritual gravity upon men and nations. It is inescapable. If we dare as a nation to willfully shed innocent blood in the womb, then we will reap bloodshed in our land. In the midst of this lawless brutality, God asks a question to the magistrates in Psalms 82:2: “How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked?” Proverbs 18:5 further states, “It is not good to show partiality to the wicked, or to overthrow the righteous in judgment.”


By codifying evil into law, decriminalized murder of the preborn, those assigned to enforce the “law” find themselves treating licensed murderers with so called “neutrality,”or in more egregious situations demonstrate “partiality” towards them. By doing so, law enforcement is touching bloodshed and is put at risk, along with the citizenry that condones this blood lust. Violence inevitably grows up like a rod as retribution for the crime of child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood (Ezekiel 7:11).


This is what happens when governments defend the indefensible. Instead of punishing the evil doer as God’s Word commands, our government protects them (the abortionists and parents that harm their children in the womb). Instead

of protecting those who are good (the innocent preborn), our government makes sure they are put to death unjustly. At that point, governments cease to be a minister of God and lawful agency of justice and become an enemy of God and an agency of injustice.

In light of this clear and present danger, I’m enclosing copies of a pamphlet entitled “An Open Letter to Police in America.” The Open Letter was, in no small way, influenced by the times in which we live, as well as by the relationships we have developed with many officers where we have ministered throughout our nation.


Be assured that we will continue to pray for our law enforcement officials, their families, and their communities. We desire the will of God, the Father, be accomplished in them for the good of our people and for the Glory of God alone.


Lastly, may I encourage you, in your role as Lesser Magistrates, to act to protect the innocent and encourage your police officers to exercise their lawful discretion to judge justly and not “overthrow the righteous in judgment.” These children in the womb have not committed a capital offense and thus do not deserve capital punishment.


It is for that reason that I’m privileged to send you and the senior staff at LMPD a small book on that topic. We prayerfully encourage you to consider this “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate” to instruct your officers regarding

interposition on behalf of the oppressed, the innocent, and the disenfranchised that they have sworn to serve and protect. If you need more copies, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m absolutely convinced the truths contained in this book are vital for our future hope and security as a nation.


God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word, after it goes forth, “Will not return to Him void without accomplishing the purpose for which (He) sent it.” With confidence in His Word, I anticipate Kentucky will become one of America’s first

surgical abortion free-states “For Such a Time as This.” Keep pressing on till that happens in Jesus’ name!



Reverend Rusty Thomas

National Director, Operation Save America