“You Are Being Played”
Dear Alabama Christians,
In my 50 years of following national political races I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one as strange as the current U.S. Senate race in your state.
First, we had the national Republican Party in the September Senate run-off working against the state’s more popular candidate Judge Roy Moore in favor of their establishment candidate, and former D.C. lobbyist, Luther Strange. The D.C. Republicans flooded Strange with money only to see him lose by a significant 9-point margin.
Then, in the general election, this very same GOP-Washington establishment continues to undermine Moore in favor of electing a Senator from the Democratic Party. We might have to go all the way back to Goldwater to find anything that resembles these unusual political circumstances.
In their attempt to destroy their own candidate, the Republican hierarchy has colluded with their media nemesis, the Washington Post, to promote a smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore.
On November 9th, 2017, the Washington Post broke the story of four women with their allegedaccounts of their 38-year-old dating experience with Roy Moore. As soon as the story broke, the usual cast of “Swamp” creatures surfaced with feigned outrage demanding that Moore step down from the race. McConnell, McCain, Flake, and Romney issued their immediate demand without any examination of facts. Their instant condemnation of Moore gave evidence of their orchestration. Within days, other GOP establishment elites including Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, chimed in to condemn Moore.
The Washington Post describes the accusers claims of dates they went on with Moore when they were in their late teens. The more serious charge of the four was given by Leigh Corfman who alleged that, when she was 14, Moore sexually assaulted her.
Corfman would have been the key witness in bringing down Moore, but within days, substantial credibility issues of this witness were uncovered when it was found out that Corfman had been married three times, filed bankruptcy three times, and had accused three pastors of sexual misconduct. The last of these points completely discredited her testimony, but the national press and the GOP establishment continue to repeat the allegations as though they were true.
The Post story further crumbled when one of the accusers, Debbie Gibson, turned out to be a Democrat operative, having worked for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and at the time was campaigning for Doug Jones.
So when the initial round of accusers lacked the hoped-for effect, the establishment rolled out one Beverly Young Nelson on November 13, accompanied by none other than the infamous feminist, Gloria Allred, all set for a prime time New York City press conference. Should we expect anyone less than Ms. Allred for such an event?
Ms. Nelson produced a tearful scene of Moore taking her in his car when she was 16 years old behind a restaurant and sexually assaulting her. It was compelling theater complete with a yearbook signature, tears, tissues, and comforting hugs from Ms. Allred. So convincing was the display that at the time it moved some conservatives away from Moore.
But like Ms. Corfman, upon closer examination of the evidence, Ms. Nelson’s accounts also started crumbling. Within hours, photos of the yearbook were examined and found to be a forgery. Ms. Nelson’s step-son went public, declaring his step-mother’s allegations to be “one hundred percent lies” and on the following day, evidence surfaced revealing that Judge Moore had presided over Mrs. Nelson’s 1999 divorce without her objection. A second Moore accuser totally discredited!
By this time the citizens of Alabama were starting to awaken to the lies and smear campaign against Judge Moore.
The tactics used against Judge Moore are right out of the Marxist, Saul Alinsky’s playbook in his Rules for Radicals.
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
“If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.”
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
“Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)”
The opposition to Judge Roy Moore used a classic Alinsky approach of destroying the man, not his ideas. They know they cannot win the election debate over issues that affect the people of Alabama so they sought to destroy the person.
Always throughout human history, a deep pool of false witnesses has been available anytime and at any price, and 2017 Alabama is not an exception.
Usually, in the more public high-profile cases where corrupt men procure their liars, they do a more thorough job of vetting their false witnesses. Ms. Corfman and Ms. Nelson’s credibility was destroyed so quickly that we can conclude that their organizers have been very sloppy in their recruitment and orchestration.
Alabama Christians, do you think that the four women who came out at the same time on November 9 to give their story to the Washington Post did this spontaneously after 38 years had elapsed? Do you think Ms. Nelson also, after 38 plus years, had a sudden inspiration to call Gloria Allred to help ease her pain?
No and no. All of this has been orchestrated by political agents looking to destroy a good man. Can you imagine the expense, time, and research these men must have gone through to coordinate these attacks on Judge Moore? We also know from our own biblical history, false witnesses do not come without a cost.
Let me also ask you your thoughts on the Washington Post. Do you think that this deep-state paper which has continually labored to keep the pedophilia and assorted sexual perversions of their political associates under wraps, now on November 9, suddenly became concerned with the welfare of women in Alabama dating from 1977? Has the Washington Post suddenly seen the light about the moral condition of the country and its politicians?
No, not at all. BUT THEY KNOW YOU DO. They know that the Christian people of Alabama demand character in their political leaders while across the political aisle; issues of character are mostly irrelevant.
Thus, we have the real purpose of the Washington Post article: to orchestrate a smear campaign against Moore in order to suppress the Christian vote in the Alabama Senate race.
These people know the mind of the average Christian and their desire for godly character and public morality. If they can take the experience of dating younger women and turn it into the perception of an under-age sexual assault, then they would have driven a permanent wedge between Christian voters and their Christian candidate.
My call to the Christian community in Alabama is to stop being naïve. Seek to know how the world works. YOU ARE BEING PLAYED. Being played is defined as:
“Lied to, set up to be taken advantage of. To be cheated by a set up of actions or circumstances that have been deliberately planned.”
Do you think that instead of being emotionally manipulated by false reports it would be prudent to reserve judgment until the facts are discerned? Do you think the proverb applies to the circumstances regarding Judge Moore?
“The first one to present his case seems right, until another comes forward and questions him.” Proverbs 18:17
In times past, bearing false witness (or more commonly known today as ‘slander’) came with severe penalties. In the case laws of the Bible, slander came with a greater civil penalty than many sexual sins and thievery. One can always restore a stolen bike or a car but how can a good name be restored after it is dragged through the mud with lies and deceit?
As a Christian, should not your outrage and anger be directed at these false witnesses and those who have orchestrated such lies?
For these women to bring up accusations based on an alleged incident 38 years ago is on its face, absurd. This is why in the Christian West we have “Statutes of Limitation” written into our legal system.
Sir William Blackstone, the most respected jurist who greatly impacted early American jurisprudence, wrote in his Commentaries on the Laws of England:
“The use of these statutes of limitation is to preserve the peace of the kingdom and to prevent those innumerable perjuries which might ensue if a man were allowed to bring an action for an injury committed at any distance of time.”
If the ruling establishment is successful in Judge Moore’s election defeat, then what Christian man in Alabama or the nation would not be susceptible to the same defamation when allegations, by themselves, become the new standard for guilt?
Conservatives across the country have written much about the out of state influences in your Senate race. There is an ever-growing number of Alabamians who realize that their Senate election is being manipulated by political operatives in Washington, D.C. They do not view this kindly.
The tide has taken a turn in the second week after the Post story broke. Many national
commentators including President Trump are now taking a more reserved position, declaring: “Let the people of Alabama decide their own election.”
Christian, naiveté is not a virtue. Be aware of the deceptions of this world and the devices of how corrupt men manipulate both mind and emotion for their political purposes. Use your common sense and biblical wisdom to understand the recent events in your state.
Your Senate race has garnered national attention because it is one of the most important ones in decades, important because it will help determine the leadership and future direction of the Republican Party and to the eventual restoration of the American republic.
This election goes beyond a battle between two opposite political views and candidates of Moore vs. Jones. It is also a battle against two forces with two different visions for the future of the GOP. The players are McConnell and Ryan on one side, representing the older establishment, globalist, Bush wing of the Republican Party vs. Steve Bannon and President Trump, who embody the America-First, anti-globalist, economic nationalism movement.
NOT voting for Judge Moore on December 12, is a vote for partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage, globalism, open borders and a liberal Supreme Court.
Finally, remember the account in Genesis 39 when Joseph was falsely accused of a sexual assault by Potiphar’s wife. Joseph spent two years in an Egyptian prison before he was vindicated. We don’t have two years to wait. Judge Roy Moore needs to be vindicated by the people of Alabama on December 12.
© 2017 Tom Ertl – All Rights Reserved
Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for
NewsWithViews. Email:tomertl@comcast.net
Exposing the real predator in Alabama
Statement of Support for Roy Moore
God willing this will be my statement in Birmingham:
I’d like first to address the Chief. Those who are gathered here are not your fair weather friends or sunshine patriots. We are brothers and sisters in Christ who love and care deeply for you and your precious family. We want you to know that you still have many friends across this nation that refuse to jump on the political bandwagon to distance themselves from you or throw you under the bus during your time of severe trial.
Secondly, those who made these accusations know the statute of limitation has long passed and the accused will have no chance to face his accusers in a court of law to prove innocence or guilt. These accusations are for one reason only and that is to try Roy Moore in the court of public opinion in the hopes of derailing his campaign for senate in the state of Alabama.
The timing is incredibly suspicious and the usual suspects that have helped to beat the drum in the media are clearly promoting a political witch hunt. They do not want Roy Moore in Washington DC. They know that he will work to break up their good ole boy network of swamp dwellers that have had a stranglehold on our beleaguered nation for years.
Thirdly, Roy Moore is one of the most scrutinized public figures in America today. He has gone up against the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, the Democratic establishment and now, he is up against the Republican establishment. They have spent millions of dollars to dig up dirt to defeat this man throughout his career. And now that he is on the verge of winning the senate seat, they parade all these “Johnny-come-lately” accusers to orchestrate a smear campaign to besmirch him. I’m not buying what these scandal mongers are selling and would encourage you to do the same.
Lastly, I would like to address the citizens of Alabama. This is your state and Roy Moore is your native son. Do not let Washington DC, California, and New York dictate to you their preferred outcome in this race. You know Roy Moore. You know his family, his character, his principles, his heritage, and his commitment to God and the importance of righteousness to secure a future and a hope for our nation. Do not flinch or hesitate on December 12th. Send the strongest possible message to the powers that be, Alabama will not bow nor kiss the ring of political hacks who have sold their souls to the devil to maintain their political power. And as you pull the lever to vote for Roy Moore, please remember your theme song, Sweet Home Alabama, “Southern man don’t need you around anyhow.”
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