To fulfill the paradigm shift to abolish abortion now, there are certain principles and strategies that must not be compromised.

First, the doctrines of interposition and the lesser magistrate must be applied to both church and state.

The church must intervene and interpose on the streets, in the culture, and at their local death camp to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death. A long term strategy to adopt a bill of abolition holds no hope for the children scheduled to die today.

The church must also remonstrate and have a mission to their state magistrates. They must let their state politicians know that the standard has been raised and the church will no longer support the cabal between pro-life politicians and pro-life/pro-family groups. This cozy alliance that gets votes for pro-life politicians and raises funds for pro-life groups while babies are still brutally murdered in their mother’s wombs is over. It will no longer be tolerated.

No pro-life or pro-family politician gets any votes, support, or money from Christians until they completely abolish abortion and protect the God ordained institution of marriage at the state level. They must place the constitutional chain back up the federal beast and restrain the tyranny of the Supreme Court that has unleashed the lawlessness of abortion and sodomy upon our beleaguered nation.

The pro-life and pro-family hamster wheel bottled necked by the Supreme Court must come to a screeching halt and bust out of the old Roe paradigm. The church must get on the same page Biblically, historically, and Constitutionally to end the American holocaust and do not settle for anything less in Jesus’ name!