“Jason has harbored them, and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king—Jesus” (Acts 17:7).


Preparing for our OSA Leadership Meeting

OSA had our annual Leadership Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas this year. We have sowed there in times pass and it was time to water the vision and mission. We are still seeking to establish the first abortion-free state in the union.

Our message was clear. To fulfill the paradigm shift to abolish abortion now, there are certain principles and strategies that must not be compromised.

First, the doctrines of interposition and the lesser magistrate must be applied to both church and state.

The church must intervene and interpose on the streets, in the culture, and at their local death camp to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death. A long term strategy to adopt a bill of abolition holds no hope for the children scheduled to die today.

The church must also remonstrate and have a mission to their state magistrates. They must let their state politicians know that the standard has been raised and the church will no longer support the cabal between pro-life politicians and pro-life/pro-family groups. This cozy alliance that gets votes for pro-life politicians and raises funds for pro-life groups while babies are still brutally murdered in their mother’s wombs is over. It will no longer be tolerated.

No pro-life or pro-family politician gets any votes, support, or money from Christians until they completely abolish abortion and protect the God ordained institution of marriage at the state level. They must place the constitutional chain back up the federal beast and restrain the tyranny of the Supreme Court that has unleashed the lawlessness of abortion and sodomy upon our beleaguered nation.

The pro-life and pro-family hamster wheel bottled necked by the Supreme Court must come to a screeching halt and bust out of the old Roe paradigm. The church must get on the same page Biblically, historically, and constitutionally to end the American holocaust and do not settle for anything less in Jesus’ name!

Thursday Night Session

Thursday night was our opening session. The topic covered that evening was the doctrine of the church. The essence dealt with how we should relate to God’s church as Christians seeking to abolish all abortion now.

We must avoid being subject to tyranny. In other words, if the church forbids us to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death and love our neighbor as ourselves, we must obey God rather than man. We must also guard against promoting anarchy in God’s church in the just cause to end the American holocaust. Our experience with the church, whether bitter or sweet, should not determine our theology, doctrine, or practice when it comes to God’s church.

We must love what God loves and hate what he hates. God loves His church and hates the hands that shed innocent blood. This is the divine tension we must walk in to be faithful to God in this battle to end the American holocaust.

Friday Morning

Faithful Sidewalk Counselor Carmen Vasquez Pleading for Life

We had 3 teams take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the highways and byways. One went to the death camp, the last remaining surgical abortion mill in the state of Arkansas. A local sidewalk counselor contacted us after this team was done storming the gates of hell. She reported, “Thank you Operation Rescue/Operation Save America for going to Little Rock Family Planning! I wanted to tell you how y’all being there made a difference. There were 3 maybe 4 girls who changed their minds and decided not have the abortion. One went to the resource center; the other two came and said they couldn’t do it!”

On the salvation front, a post abortive woman came to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ken Scott was holding a graphic picture of abortion. This woman saw it, stopped, freaked out, and made a bee line towards Ken. She was furious. She proceeded to berate Ken. Ken patiently took the abuse and then had the opportunity to share how he was once involved with an abortion. It ruined his life, which led him to the redemption of his soul through the merits of Jesus Christ.

The woman softened, started to cry, and confessed that she had 5 abortions. Ken loving presented the Gospel of God’s pardon, if she would just repent, acknowledge the truth, and place her trust in the Lord. She mercifully surrendered to His Lordship. She came at ken a ferocious lioness and left a weeping lamb of God.

We had a separate team of leaders meet with about 35 pastors, Christian leaders, and heads of faith based political action groups. Jason Storms and I tagged team to introduce them to the paradigm shift that will get the church and pro-life movement off the hamster wheel that is bottle necked by the Supreme Court. We challenged them with the doctrines of Interposition and the Lesser Magistrate. They listened intently and the Lord granted favor. After the meeting, Lucas Childress our local leader received this text from a pastor with great influence. He pastors a church of about 5000. He stated, “I’m so excited that there is actually a path forward. I’m tired of the hamster wheel. Let it be soon Lord and let us act with courage, boldness and great faith!!!”

Lucas will follow up with this pastor to mobilize the church in Arkansas that will demand of their civil magistrates that they get no vote, money, or support for their campaigns unless they agree to completely abolish abortion in Arkansas.

Friday Afternoon Session

The men and women broke up in separate groups. My lovely bride, Kendra, loved on the ladies and spent time encouraging them. The wives and mothers of OSA are the glue that holds their families and this ministry together. We wanted to honor them for their many sacrifices.

At the men’s meeting, we had frank conversations about personal issues that need to be dealt with as men, husbands, and fathers. It was an intense time of challenge that knitted our hearts closer together in the battle and brought more accountability to each and every one of us.

Friday Night Session

Setting in Jason Storms as new Assistant Director of OSA

This was a special session that sets the course for the future of OSA. That night, Assistant Director, Chet Gallagher, in an amazing act of humility willingly stepped down as the Assistant Director of OSA to make room for the next generation of leaders to rise up and take their place in the battle.

As a result, the men of OSA had the honor to set in Jason Storms as the new OSA Assistant Director. We truly believe that Jason is the brother that will help lead OSA to the next level of effectiveness to end the American holocaust one state at a time. We hope you will reach out to welcome and encourage him as he takes on this responsibility.

Saturday Morning

All the saints and leaders went to the death camp. Another team met with a candidate who is running for a senate judicial seat in Arkansas. We flew in attorney Bradley Pierce from Texas who helps us write clean bills of abolition for the states we seek to make abortion-free. He is really good at taking the specific state statutes that are already on the books in each state that treat abortion as homicide and then adds the legal elements of abolition to strengthen the language.

We presented our specific bill of abolition to this candidate and he promised, if elected he would sponsor the bill. As soon as I got home, however, Lucas Childress, contacted me with some more good news. A legislator that Pastor Matt Trewhella, Jason Storms, and I met with a couple of months prior has looked at our bill and he has agreed to sponsor it now. Hallelujah!

Saturday Afternoon Session

The title of the message was “We all need a little R and R.” There is no rest for the weary, however. The R and R was the necessity of Reformation and Revival to fulfill our vision and mission as OSA.

Saturday Night Session

Two pastors from the state on Indiana, Pastors Kip Farrar and Derin Stidd gave OSA a report of the good fruit that came from our regional event last fall. It was encouraging. They both preached tremendous messages. At the end, two more pastors from Indiana, Joseph Spurgeon and Mark Cox, who were our local leaders last year in Kentucky, came to the podium to invite OSA back to Indiana for our national event. We all agreed to come. The dates are July 14-21st.

Keep this all in prayer and make plans to join us. The theme for Indiana is “LEAD JUSTICE TO VICTORY!” There will be more details to follow. Hope to see you there.