First Commentary: While the bodies still lay on the ground at the school in Florida, both the left and the right tragically use these shootings to promote their political agendas. They do so at the expense of the families and communities that have been devastated by this senseless carnage.
Yes, there are Biblical roots that produce these tragic consequences. Our first instinct, however, is to provide a balm of Gilead to try and heal this severe wound amongst our people. Afterwards, we can use these tragedies to address the culture of death that has been fueled by the Covenant of Death our nation has committed to our harm.
Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. Though he boldly warned His nation of the idolatry they were committing and the severe consequences that accompany that rebellion, his heart broke for the plight of his people. We should do no less.
Second Commentary: People are wondering what can be done to stem the tide of violence at our public schools. Here are 2 considerations.
The first deals with the biblical root. One solution is to stop murdering the preborn children under the color of law. The Bible warns that bloodshed touches bloodshed. It will break out like a plague. God will not be mocked. What men and nations sow, they will surely reap. We have sowed bloodshed in the womb and we are reaping bloodshed in our polluted and defiled land.
Besides that, instead of promoting The Separation of Church and State heresy, Christians need to support a Separation of State from Schools movement. This not just an education issue, but a jurisdictional issue. God never ordained the state as the government responsible to train and educate children. That is reserved for family government. To violate this principle is to ignore the fruit of what is happening to this generation.
Statist schools guarantee statist citizens, who look to civil government as their god and daddy. It has served to destroy the faith of countless Christian young people and has helped move our nation from a free nation to a socialist one heading on a face track towards full blown Communism.
BTW, this was their plan. Look up the Humanist Manifest 1 and 2, plus the Communist manifesto. All their principles and agenda have been implemented. The public schools would be the new pulpit. The religion of humanism would replace “The rotting corpse of Christianity” as America’s new religion. The teachers would be the new priests to implement their subversive plan.
It has worked like a charm and most Christians still use their children as fodder to keep these humanistic mills running at the expense of their children’s future. We need to repent and quit sending our lambs to be educated by wolves. To think we will get godly young men and women that are educated by the Philistines is to be seriously laboring under a major spirit of delusion. Time for another great Exodus to take place. The sooner the better.