At our family altar last night worshipping the Lord and seeking how to steward the painful gift our our son who graduated to glory, we sang and two our our sons-in-laws paid a special tribute to the Lord and Jeremiah.
Josh Peterson sang a song he composed called “The Silent Scream” and Levi Gray recited a poem he wrote just yesterday called “An Arrow of God.” As far as I’m concerned he nailed it and I hope you all agree.
Arrow of God: A Poem In Memory of Jeremiah Thomas
An arrow, built of flesh and bone,
shoots forth from the bow,
As father pulls his precious son,
Up from the water below.
As sin and death swims underneath,
A man of God is raised,
Fire, born from heaven, falls,
And tears flow down his face.
The God above, His ways and thoughts,
Higher and better than ours,
Makes plans we cannot comprehend,
To show forth His great power.
Jeremiah, young and strong,
With passion in his eyes,
To God He cries, “My life is yours!”
Our Gracious Lord replies,
“Dear Son, I will do mighty things,
My Kingdom bursting forth,
My Light will shine from you, young man,
Bright burning like a torch.”
“My humble child, to grow this tree,
We must first plant the seed,
And as you sink into the ground,
My power will proceed.”
“This road is full of pain and strife,
Bestowed on special men.
For only those with great resolve,
Can fight this fight and win.”
“It is one thing to best your foe,
With sword in mighty hand,
Or beat them with your cunning,
With crafty schemes and plans,”
“But as you will soon understand,
This truth by which you’re saved,
That I have done my greatest work,
From deep within the grave.”
Satan, the Accusing One,
He fears the arrow’s blow.
He’ll dispatch every hellish imp,
to thwart this warrior’s hope.
Yet Satan in his pride, is blind,
to God’s redeeming plan,
That every blow the devil throws,
Is strengthening the man.
With our earthly eyes we see,
His loss, as he decays,
We see his mortal frame unfurl,
His strength just wastes away.
It pains us so, but one great hope,
Will keep us from despair,
That what is sown in weakness here,
Is raised in power there.
As this arrow hits its mark,
So many more are notched and drawn,
Let us look past the dreadful dark,
to a great and glorious dawn.
Will you stand to fight like him?
Or will you sit idly by?
Will you honor this warrior’s death?
Will you heed his battlecry?
I tell you, the battle is the Lord’s,
so stand and join this fight,
and one day, just like Jeremiah,
your faith will become sight.