Jeremiah has run his lap of the race of faith. The baton has fallen from his hand. His sword and shield has been dashed to the ground. Who amongst this generation will pick them up and continue to storm the gates of hell?

Be done with lesser things young people. It will rob you of your destiny. There is a Covenant of Death that has produced the culture of death your generation staggers under. Jeremiah knew it and gave his last breath to defeat it.

Jeremiah has gone home to be with the Lord and he has passed the baton to you. Take up sword and shield for It is your turn now in Jesus’ name!

One of the most powerful, convicting, and encouraging words I have ever heard, from Rusty Thomas speaking about his son who just passed from cancer, Jeremiah Thomas. Please listen with open hearts. “Be done with lesser things!”- Rusty Thomas

Posted by Justin Zetzer on Friday, August 31, 2018