If there is no holy God that hates sin, no just God that will judge sin, and no loving God that redeems sinners as the left claims, why then do they scream of sexual misconduct? By what standard do they judge since in their worldview there is no ultimate standard for truth and morality?
The enemies of Christ have a huge problem. On the one hand, they hate a God that, at least, in their minds does not exist and yet spend their lives vainly seeking to reach up into the heavens to drag him down to replace Him.
Men that aspire to public office that the left suspects is a political enemy, they go into full public smear tactic mode. We have a long list of political hit jobs in our history that reveals this strategy. They reach into the past to find someone willing to come forth at the last possible minute before a vote can be taken to accuse a person of sexual misconduct. It has worked in the past to take some down, so, they continue to use it to this day.
The progressive movement believes one can determine his or her’s own gender, in spite of self evident truth. They push every sexual deviancy on the planet and seduce this generation to believe that fornication is OK, homosexuality is OK, and the murder of the preborn is OK. Why then the feigned outrage over men who act upon what they push as normal behavior according to their perverted and distorted worldview?
I’m not insensitive to real crimes of rape, molestation, and the destruction that sexual immortality has unleashed upon this generation. I’m just pointing out the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the left that has no moral compass based upon the objective truth of God’s word and yet has to borrow from the Christian worldview to even feign moral outrage and use it as a political weapon to take on and take out their political enemies. It is a sham and the citizens of America need to wake up and reject it in Jesus’ name.
BTW, the whole Supreme Court nomination process is also a sham and if you are looking to that institution to end tyranny, stop the bloodshed, protect the God ordained family, and restore righteousness in the land, you are part of the problem. Go here to understand why?