America is sitting on powder keg. These midterm elections could literally see the polarization of this land so heightened that violence may erupt. Tragically, there are elements in our nation funded by George Soros that salivate at the very idea of this happening under our watch.

Biblically, this could also mean that the Lord has decided to increase His judgments upon the land due to child sacrifice, the shedding of innocent blood and for parading our sin like Sodom.

One of the classic judgments of the Lord in redemptive history is civil war. We endured one over the national sin of slavery. Do not be shocked, if God requires another one to demand an accounting from our vile, wicked nation for every drop of innocent blood we have shed and for every child molested by sodomy, pedophilia, media, entertainment, and public education.

This battle we face is not a battle between conservatism, which is pretend salt and progressivism, which is demonic. It is not colored coordinated battle like the previous Civil War, a battle between the gray and the blue.

This is a battle between those who love God and seek to honor His commandments in the public life of our nation, which secures liberty and justice for all and those who hate God and promote lawlessness, which guarantees tyranny and injustice will continue to rule the day.

Choose wisely America! Your future hangs in the balance.