This post card just went out to one entire zip code of Waco to expose the evil of Planned Parenthood. As God provides, we plan on reaching the entire city.

Here is just one reply. I chose it because it captures the state of denial, selective outrage, and moral deflection that is so rampant in our defiled nation staggering under the weight of blood guilt.

Whomever receives this email:

Today, in my mail, I received the most disturbing image on a postcard that I have ever seen. The postcard ignited a spark of anger in me as I could not believe the images I was seeing. I read the information and felt compelled to respond. Aside from the mass amounts of unsupported and misinformation provided in the text, I was appalled that a total stranger thought it would be ok to mail me images of mutilated babies.

This email is a simple request and notice that I do not want to EVER receive pictures of mutilated babies or anything from this organization again. The fact that this organization likes pictures of mutilated babies is disgusting and serves to possibly change my mind as to my opinion on abortion. Regardless of my opinion on abortions, knowing that the organizations that appose abortion like spreading inaccurate factual information and likes pictures of mutilated babies sickens me. Please remove me from your mailing list.

This email also serves as a notice to not continue or begin further harassment of me at my place of living or at any location. If I receive and further correspondence from this organization or any organization affiliated, related, and/or under the control of Operation Save America; I will take the next steps to protect myself from this organizations grotesque tactics.


Notice he is more upset about the picture of an aborted baby than he is that actual babies are being mutilated in their mother’s wombs. If something is so horrible to look at, why do we tolerate it as a nation?

Once again, the world thinks that Christians who expose evil are more evil than the evil we expose. In other words, we are worse than abortion.

He states that we spread, “inaccurate factual information.” What? You can’t have it both ways. It is either inaccurate or factual. Notice as well, he presents no evidence to support his claim. I guess just saying something makes it so.

He is sickened because he actually believes we like pictures of mutilated babies. Go figure. The world tends to seek the high moral ground to deflect from the evil they commit or support. In our attempts to end the holocaust, we are the evildoers in their duplicitous minds. May our Lord grant conviction, repentance and the acknowledgement of the truth to the saving of his soul in Jesus’ name!

To those of you who fight Planned Parenthood in your community, feel free to use the post card. Just put your personal contact info if you want. Private message me if you need more info or help.