God’s law is holy, just and good (Romans 7:12). Love is the fulfillment of the law of God (Romans 13:10). It is God’s moral law that acts as a teacher, school master, and tutor to lead men and nations to Christ that they might be justified by faith (Galatians 3:24).

These Biblical truths are foundation to understand the importance of HB 896 and this bill’s treatment of abortion. This bill stands upon the self-evident truth that abortion is a crime called murder and should be criminalized by law.

This will serve 3 important Kingdom purposes. First, Texans will finally come into agreement with God on the nature of this crime and fulfill His demand for justice to be established. Second, Texans will be instructed by true law to not commit sexual immorality that leads to child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood.

Third, the law would be used by the Holy Spirit to convict men and nations of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16:8). in other words, passing HB 896 would have a powerful impact on evangelism. It would curb sexual immorality and without murder available to the sinner, it would be used by God to lead men to Christ.

Do not be deceived by those who say they are Christians and are “pro-life” and oppose this bill. They are not thinking and acting Biblically. They have a form of godliness, but deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5).

Out of all the pro-life bills that have been presented to the Texas legislators, only HB 896 stands foursquare upon God’s truth. And we must all be reminded that it is only truth that can liberate us from the curse of blood guiltiness that stains our polluted and defiled land.