History was made tonight in Waskom, Texas. Here is a brief report. Tonight this little city packed their city hall to address and vote on a resolution and ordinance that would make Waskom, TX a sanctuary city for the preborn.

It was electrifying. The city was out in force and they meant Kingdom business. As the messages went forth to encourage the city council to do their duty, their was applause, shouts, and cheers filling the room. The city is definitely behind this all the way.

The ordinance we initially presented to this city was rock solid. It was an ordinance of abolition. The city knew it would be challenged. This left them with a problem. They do not have deep pockets to defend their city. A lawyer of reputation stepped in and promised to defend the city.

This person wants to take this city ordinance all the way to the Supreme Court with the purpose of overturning Roe. When he went over the ordinance, in some ways he strengthened it, but he did include some exceptions for the purpose of going after the Supreme Court.

At the city council meeting tonight, I strenuously challenged them to take out the exceptions and completely shut every opening to baby murder, and refuse to answer to any court. They went with the ordinance as the lawyer presented it to them.

The good is they passed a resolution that is rock solid by unanimous decision to make their city a sanctuary city for the preborn. This makes history in Texas. They also passed the first ordinance in the nation to make their city a sanctuary city by law. Once again, it was by unanimous vote. This has made national history.

Though it is not all that we had worked for, it did go farther than any other city in our nation. The big take away from this is we now know the strengths of city ordinances and their weaknesses. Prayerfully, as we move forward to end this holocaust other cities, counties, and states will shut all doors, ignore Roe, establish justice, and abolish all abortion now in Jesus’ name!

BTW, the media that covered the story placed a link the message I preached at First Baptist Church in Waskom. May God’s truth march on conquering every foe.