This blog post falls under the category of a plausible theory and working hypothesis.

A couple of weeks ago as I was scratching my head at how the media and our government was handling the threat of the Covid-19 virus, a thought came to me.

I bounced it off my beautiful wife and Matriarch of the Thomas Nation, Kendra Thomas. I asked, “What if one of the main objectives of the mishandling of this virus is to reconstruct America and the world on how we conduct business and do life?”

Miss Kendra is a researcher and she came to me last night with some evidence that suggests this may be the case. She found this article that may be worth the read.

This is from an article reprinted in ZeroHedge

Here are some highlights of the article in case you did not want to read the entire deal. In essence, America must suspend or override our liberties to keep up with the technological competition with China as a national security issue. Welcome to the Brave New World.

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act created the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI).

According to former Deputy Secretary of Defense and NSCAI vice-chair, Robert Work, the purpose of NACAI is to evaluate “how the U.S. national security apparatus should approach artificial intelligence, including a focus on how the government can work with industry to compete with China’s ‘civil-military fusion’ concept.”

Compete with “Civil-military fusion” or adopt “Civil-military fusion?” We are seeing something draconian measures come out of the Covid-19 crisis.

NSCAI member and CEO of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, Chris Darby, said, “Data is the new oil. And China is just awash with data. And they don’t have the same restraints that we do around collecting it and using it, because of the privacy difference between our countries. This notion that they have the largest labeled data set in the world is going to be a huge strength for them.”

The Pentagon and the intelligence community recently created the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to initiate Artificial intelligence within our country.

It’s interesting to note that the NSCAI chairman is Eric Schmidt, the former head of Alphabet – Google’s parent company.

According to the article in ZeroHedge, “The intelligence community, the Pentagon and Silicon Valley – all view China’s advancements in AI as a major national security threat.”

In its May 2019 document, Chinese Tech Landscape Overview, NSCAI advocated a restructuring of society and of economy. The restructuring would erode many First Amendment rights.

Do away with in-person store shopping and move towards exclusive e-commerce online shopping. “When buying online is literally the only way to get what you want, consumers go online.”

Do away with cash and credit/debit cards and move entirely to smartphone-based digital wallets.

Do away with individual ownership of cars and institute a centralized ride-sharing network or “fleet” of self-driving and electric cars.

Do away with privacy by adopting mass surveillance. “Streets carpeted with cameras is good infrastructure.” The report also claims China’s advantage in facial recognition is due to government-implemented mass surveillance.”

Do away with traditional healthcare. A civilian DNA database is a “logical next step” for America. Having enough doctors for in-person visits is unnecessary. HIPPA compliance and FDA are obstacles that communist China doesn’t have.