OK brethren, the first phase is completed in organizing our national event. We have our registration page up and running. It is time to sign up and rally others to do the same.
This will give you access to all the sessions, all the links of activities, literature, and ministry packets for the week.
Soon a flyer of seminar and rally speakers will also be made available to promote the OSA national event: DEFEND THE FATHERLESS.
In these uncertain times, Operation Save America (OSA) is pressing forward to serve the Lord to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to abolish abortion now. We have scheduled our national event from July 19th-25th, 2020.
The seminars and rallies will be conducted on-line through multiple social media platforms (Zoom & Facebook). The seminars will focus on magistrates, pastors, and training of youth. The rally speakers will seek to equip the church to do the work of the ministry to abolish abortion now in Jesus ‘name!
There will be a $25.00 Registration Fee to help cover the cost of the technical and logistical challenge to do this event.
* Nightly we will give everyone an opportunity to donate online in order to perpetuate the ministry of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God locally and globally through the efforts of OSA.
Daily, you will be given the opportunity to engage your culture through street ministry in your local cities. There will be links to download, copy, and distribute literature on the streets and death camps, plus, information packets for churches and magistrates. To God be the glory!
Please share this far and wide and may the Lord prosper His cause in Jesus’ name!