Great News on the OSA National Event Front: Defend the Fatherless, July 19th-25th, 2020.

Pastor Bill Ascol, along with other local pastors from Oklahoma, recently declared at the “Abolition Now” conference in February that he repented of being a part of the failed secular pro-life movement. He publicly confessed that he was a full blown Christian abolitionist and “reinforcements were on the way.”

In keeping with his commitment, the church he pastors, Bethel Baptist Church, has graciously opened up to host our national event. This means all the seminar and rally sessions will be done (live streamed with Zoom and Facebook) from this location. Praise be to God!

Address: 10705 E 86th St N, Owasso, OK 74055

Phone: +1 918 272 2229

To those out of state, you still need to register to access these important meetings, but if you are in Oklahoma area, you can attend the seminars and rallies in person. We still need you to register, however, but that opportunity is now available.

Brother Bill Darr and sister Ruth Darr will be helping the locals in the area with all the street activities in Tulsa, OK during the week of the national event, July 19-25th. We will be going to the death camp, setting up meetings with magistrates, and perhaps do a truth tour. if you come to the meetings in Owasso, you will get the marching orders there to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom in the city of Tulsa.

We are asking each speaker to give his magnum opus message, vision, and mission to America during this conference. We are seeking to capture these messages with high quality film equipment, edit them, and then send them out far and wide to pastors, churches, magistrates, and youth throughout America and the world after the event is concluded.

We are praying for “The Message” to come out of this gathering. We welcome your prayers and participation as well. We have a tremendous Kingdom opportunity set before us. May our Lord aid and assist in this great work and grant repentance, revival, and reformation in Jesus’ name!

Here is the link to register and to spread to others. If you can make it, hope to see you there.…