Important announcements for OSA’s National Event: Defend the Fatherless.

First, we are working on having having the live stream at 6 or so tonight, instead of 8 pm. Please make a note and be ready to join in. We are gong to concentrate on the importance of our opening rally, the Solemn Assembly, in light of the dire situations confronting our nation.

Second, we are about to kick in the prayer aspects of the national event. Starting Monday, July 13th-15th, we are setting aside those days to fast and pray for our nation and the national event. If you are willing by the Spirit of God to participate that would be a huge blessing to prepare the way of the Lord.

For some, perhaps you can sacrifice a meal a day. For others, perhaps you can do an entire day. Those that can do the entire time that would be deeply appreciated as well.

Third, the 24 hour prayer effort will begin Saturday morning, July 18th at 8 am and will conclude, Sunday, July 19th at 8 am. Thankfully, Oklahoma already has an established intercessory group committed to hosting this prayer effort.

To those outside of Oklahoma, we are needing 12 teams committed to two hour slots. We plan on sending an email to those who are signed up and registered links to the prayer room and other important links to prepare for your participation in the national event.

Please sign up and register here: