Day Four: OSA National Event: Defend the Fatherless

This morning we are taking to the streets to set up a truth tour. We will have a sign team and literature team. God willing, this is the tract we will be handing out. We would encourage you to download, make copies, and distribute as the Lord leads in your sphere of influence. Remember, you can also send the materials we have available out through your email contacts and other social media venues.…

This afternoon’s seminar will feature the local Oklahoma pastors sharing the official church resolution on the Abolition of Abortion. They are pushing this document to be adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention and other churches and denominations. Go here to access the resolution. Download, copy, and distribute in your churches as the Lord leads along with this pastor’s letter.

Church Resolution:…

Pastor’s Letter:…

Later in the afternoon, we will be meeting with a magistrate to encourage him to carry the torch of sponsoring an abolition bill similar to the ones put forth by Senator Joseph Silk. Prayers will be very much appreciated.

This evening our rally speakers will be Pastor Matt Trewhella and Senator Joseph Silk. You can access the seminar and rally by going to the links below. Thanks for not only receiving these messages, but spreading them abroad. We have heard powerful testimonies of what God is doing in the hearts of folks all over the land and in other nations. Keep up the good work.

Here are the links to access the seminar and rally.