It’s hard to believe we have concluded the OSA National Event: Defend the Fatherless. Our family is getting ready to head back home to Texas. It went by way too fast like all of life in this fleeting realm.

Praise God for all those who worked so diligently to support the work of the Lord that went out to the hiways and the byways via social media. Tremendous testimonies continue to come in and we are grateful to the Lord.

Special thanks to Bill and Ruth Darr for hosting our family. You are faithful friends. Daniel Navejas, Kyle Brown, and team, without your help, this would never have happened. You served well. Alan Maricle, thanks for providing signs and lit to seed Tulsa.

Special thanks to Pastors Bill Ascol, Dan Fisher, Derin Stidd, Dusty Deevers, Kelly Greene, Brent Baggett and Cory Anderson for leading the church in the Solemn Assembly and hammering out the historical document, church resolution, that has great potential to realign the Church with God on the crucial matter of abolishing abortion.

Special thanks to all the speakers who mined the Word of the Lord and faithfully declared it, John Michener, Jason Storms, Senator Joseph Silk, Representative Matt Shea, Pastor Matt Trewhella, Pastors Jeff Durbin, Luke Pierson, and Zack Morgan from Apologia, David Graves, and Pastor Derin Stidd. It was an honor to co-labor with you all as we sought to advance the Kingdom of God to abolish abortion and prayerfully restore righteousness in our defiled land.

Special thanks to abolitionist candidates, Warren Hamilton from Oklahoma and John Jacobs from Indiana who joined with us during this week. We appreciate your sacrifice for running for public office with the right stuff. It was a privilege to help your campaigns. May the Lord be pleased to grant us godly leaders like you both to be salt and light in the political realm.

Lastly, thanks to all who tuned in and participated on-line. It was difficult as we experienced many technical problems, but we overcame and you stuck it out with us. Thank you!

Thanks to all the co-laborers in cities, states, and countries who took advantage of this opportunity to access the materials and take the Gospel of the Kingdom to your local communities. You made a difference.

Keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize and may the Lord continue to prosper His cause in Jesus’ name!