We here at the Ekklesia are so encouraged by what we have seen the past couple of weeks! Though the darkness of this world seems to grow deeper, yet the Light of the Gospel grows brighter.
Thousands of people, from around the nation and the world, tuned into the Operation Save America’s National Event. We continue to see more Christians and Pastors joining outreaches at the death camps in Oklahoma, deciding to run for office and repenting of the church’s apathy of the past decades. This is the fruit of the Gospel!
Pastoral Leadership For OSA’s National Event
Last month we had the honor of co-hosting the Operation Save America (OSA) National Conference right here in Oklahoma, along with Oklahomans United for Life, and the folks from https://defytyrants.com/. In the midst of these uncertain times, this conference sought to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to train & equip the Body of Christ, and our magistrates, to end abortion NOW in Jesus’ name!
The seminars and rallies were conducted online through multiple social media platforms and we encouraged those watching online to implement the vision, mission, and message in their own spheres of influence. The event was a HUGE success and brought forth much fruit in our State and the Nation. The daily lectures and seminars had THOUSANDS of views from literally across the Globe including viewers from Germany, Australia, South Africa, India and Mexico, with our first night reaching over 13k people!
Pastors taught on repentance and what it truly looks like in a nation that murders its babies. A panel of Oklahoma Baptist Pastors spoke unashamedly in support of abolition. They have also come together to draft a Resolution to be presented at the Southern Baptist Convention that renounces Pro-Life compromises and demands justice for the preborn.
Legislators from different States, including Oklahoma Senator Joseph Silk, and Representative Matt Shea from Washington State spoke on political activism and called out the hypocrisy and corruption in the States and federal Government. John Michener, of Oklahomans United for Life, spent an afternoon teaching and training us on how to effectively engage the culture in evangelism and outreaches. And much much more!
All the sessions are available to watch HERE!
Getting Pastor Matt’s Books into the hands of Movers and Shakers
One trade mark of OSA events is an emphasis on activism and outreaches to local influencers and magistrates. We had the opportunity during the week to attend the City Elders Meeting in Tulsa and distributed 50 copies of Pastor Matt Trewhella’s excellent book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.
We HIGHLY recommend  you purchase this book, read it and pass it on for others to read as well. In today’s political upheaval this doctrine MUST be put into practice! Things like this are the perfect opportunity to plant seeds of truth and build relationships with local leaders.
Tulsa- Another outreach we were a part of during the event took place at the Tulsa abortion mill. We stood side by side with faithful brothers and sisters who have ministered there for decades.
Some drive hours from Arkansas to come be a voice for the voiceless and local churches have begun to implement weekly outreach programs to rescue the most helpless among us. Our interactions with the escorts, police, and mothers were live streamed on Facebook and we encourage you to watch part 1 and part 2. It is sobering, educational and convicting.
This holocaust is the great evil of our time and we can no longer live without acknowledging its reality. Please consider joining them in pleading for the lives of the preborn who are taken there daily to be slaughtered, you can contact Bill and Ruth Darr @918-299-7884 for more information on how to get involved.