1) God has provided a peg in the Temple in South Dakota. He has raised up a host pastor to welcome, bless, and work with OSA. He is working on securing a location for OSA to meet in Sioux Falls and a meeting with the Governor. If he cannot find a meeting place, he has volunteered his church to host us. It is a rural church forty minutes away from Sioux Falls. By next week, we will know for sure and pass on the info ASAP.

2) There is a meeting soon that has the potential to bless and expand the movement to abolish abortion in our bloodstained and defiled land. It is not for public consumption yet, but please be praying. If God deems fit to secure these relationships, it will dramatically increase our impact to advance the Kingdom of God to vanquish this evil savaging our nation.

3) Kendra is just about done writing the rough draft of Jeremiah Strong. Tears flowed freely as she read me her writings. We are going to work on editing together and then submit it to a professional editor before submitting the book to an established publishing company.

Just as Jeremiah’s life and death touched and changed many lives for the Kingdom throughout the world, this book and potential feature film will continue the Holy Spirit’s anointing to break the yoke upon the souls of men. Your prayers are welcomed and needed. THANKS!!!