Brother Jake Eakin was the last minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom to address our final rally night in South Dakota. He could not be there in person due to the nature of his powerful testimony. Instead, he sent us this 12 minute video that we played to close out the event.
The reason why we held it to the end was because this was the last taste of our ministry that we wanted to leave in South Dakota. We desired to let folks know that no matter how dark, wicked, and impossible the person and situation, we serve a God that is mighty to save.
We wanted specifically to reach out and minister to post abortive men, women, and families bound by the sin and crime of abortion. If God can redeem Moses, King David, and the Apostle Paul, all former murderers, He can redeem Jake and those guilty of murdering their own children.
Jake was a murderer and his precious bride was a lesbian that wanted to become a man. Watch how the Lord stepped in and did His wonderful transformative work in their lives. It is glorious!
I would encourage you to send this out far and wide. To God be the glory, the great things Has has done! The former murderer now uses his time, treasure, and talent to save souls and lives.