Perhaps through the presidential election, we are finally finding one of the purposes behind the political agenda connected with Covid 19.
Let me state up front, this is not an endorsement for any candidate, but an observation from one deeply concerned about the tragic state of affairs afflicting our beleaguered nation.
Biden’s candidacy was extremely low key. Most of the time, he hid from the public in his basement and no media dare ask him any questions that would expose his inability to string two sentences together with any measure of coherency.
When doing a political rally, Biden could not generate a crowd with any size or energy. Clearly, the energy and size of crowd belonged to the Trump campaign. Amazingly, this did not seem to concern the Democrats. The question is why no concern?
Could it be that all the discrepancies that are being exposed right now in this fraudulent election was the plan all along?
Could the Democrats have used Covid 19 to abuse the election process with mail in ballots and such to secure a Biden presidency?
From where I sit, this seems to be the case. May the truth come to light, may all fraudulent activities be exposed, and may all those who broke the law to make a mockery of our election system come to justice in Jesus’ name!