Kingdom Announcement:

Just received this communication from France a couple of days ago.

Alexandre: Hi Sir, I’m Alexandre and living in France, I just saw you on the parlement channel and you really made my day…. such persuasion and good willing… I hope to see you one day! Many greetings from Europe and Jesus bless you

Me: Thank you Alexandre. Can you tell me what was released in France? Was it a documentary or just a trailer?

Alexandre: Hello, we saw the entire documentary, in some part pro life, and other not so much … (as you know France is more and more atheist and relativist…)

I suppose it will not change immediately the opinion of the people but people like you who just say what they believe help to show another state of mind and help to give the message of God. (Please apologize my poor English)

Me: Thanks Alexandre. It is God’s word that does the work. We trust Him for the results to touch hearts and change minds. Do you know how long the film was?

Alexandre: Yes right! Something like an hour. You gave such a cool image of a Good Christian family, with values….. a lot of people loved it. Your courage, your nice wife, and children…what a courage!

Me: Awesome. Thanks so much for letting me know. The person who puts this together is not a believer, so was not sure how this would be presented. He was with our family for a few years putting this together. It is good to know he did not go out of his way to put us in a bad light.

Alexandre: Yes, I understand. Some people 100% anti pro-life will probably not enjoy it but who knows what can happen in their soul. But but but the documentary gave a good image of you and didn’t change your words. In Europe, religion is very discreet so some people may be surprised, but about your message no problem.

Me: Apparently, it might have been seen in Sweden as well. A student from Stockholm School of Economics contacted me for an interview. The stated purpose was to interview someone with a, “different perspective than we do and try to understand their side better.”

Tom Haley, who was imbedded in our family for years, put this documentary together. The working title was “Preacher Man.” It looks like he changed it to “Save America.” Please pray God would use it to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom in Europe and powerfully touch hearts and change minds in Jesus’ name!