Well, the trip from Waco, TX to Charlotte, NC was long, but well worth it. These long ministry trips are my “Tent gf Meeting” times with the Lord. It is a concentrated time to worship, praise, pray, and listen to His Holy Word.
Upon arrival, it was time to break the fast, enjoy some vittles, and have some sweet fellowship with my family and dear friends. The next morning it was off to a familiar place, the notorious death camp called Latrobe. The last time we were there the pro-aborts blew trumpets in our ears as we sought to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to set the captives free.
My youngest daughter, Jubilee, was so effective in her broken heart over abortion, hell manifested. The pro-aborts were so enraged, they sought to contact Texas Child Protection Services to remove her from our home. Yikes!
Coming back, I was not sure what kind of reception it would be. Well, let’s just say the powers of darkness did not forget. The profanity, cursing, and the wishing of my death and my family’s death, to “join Jeremiah” came forth like a fire hose. It was a good time to practice, “But I say to you who hear,  Love your enemies,  do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you (Luke 6:27, 28).
Love Life was of a different Spirit. Where there was death, they sought to bring life. Where there were lies, they sought to bring truth. Where there was darkness, they sought to bring light. The contrast could not be starker.
Love Life and Cities for Life merged in Charlotte recently and the Lord has blessed this partnership. They have physically and spiritually taken much territory. They have surrounded the death camp with an office on one side, and they purchased a good chunk of land right next door on the other side. There is something about possessing the land that dispossesses the enemy’s camp. Their days are numbered in Jesus mighty name!
The saints gathered by the hundreds led by their pastors (Love Life has 300 hundred churches that partner with them). It was a glorious sight to behold. Honestly, it was a little overwhelming. When Flip Benham was the national director of OSA, he led us 3 times to the gates of hell in Charlotte. Saints from all over America came to break up the follow ground, plant the seeds of the Kingdom, water it, and behold, we saw massive increase on this trip. To God be the glory.
The ministry set up at the gates of hell consisted of anointed worship, high praise, fervent prayer, and other powerful expressions of the Gospel. About 6 or 7 women testified, with most of their babies with them. One highlight of the gathering came when we were praising the Lord for the great things He had done and one of the little girls who was rescued just danced with all her might before God. It was such a joyous moment that drove home how precious life truly is in Christ.
The rescued women went on to share how they came to Latrobe with the intent to murder their babies and ran into the safe arms of Jesus working through His Church. Some tears were shed as they not only confessed how the church was used to stop the madness of abortion in their life, but also, how the church stood with them and provided all that they needed to care for their families after the child was born. Most of them, I believe, are in church now and being discipled. Praise God!
Another powerful testimony was from a former deathscort, who was a part of the misguided souls that blaspheme, curse, and treat the people of God with great vileness at the Latrobe death camp. One day the Gospel pierced his hard, darkened heart. The Lord, by His Holy Spirit, drew this brother to Himself and translated him out of the kingdom of darkness and placed him into the Kingdom of God’s beloved Son. He is now one of Love Life’s team leaders ministering the same blessed Gospel that saved his soul. He defected from the enemy’s camp and now seeks to plunder it to set the captives free. Hallelujah!
While we were gathering in Charlotte, there were other Love Life gatherings in other cities throughout America. In fact, there were 4 new outreaches in different cities that was launched on the same day. Love life’s goal is to have a Christian witness at every death camp throughout America. They have a plan. They are working it and are bearing good Kingdom fruit.
The Love Life leader, Justin Reeder, and his team will be joining Operation Save America this coming January at our winter regional event and our national event this June in Arizona. The dates in January are the 21st-24th. The dates in June are the 19th-26th.
Apologia Church and End Abortion Now will be hosting both events. I promise you; you don’t want to miss these gatherings. These are crucial times when young lions filled with vision and mission, from different groups and ministries will gather in the Lord. The holy purpose is to build this Kingdom, abolitionist network to increase the effectiveness of this much needed movement to revive the church, vanquish the evil of abortion, and restore our land in righteousness. Hope to see you there!