OSA Report from ground zero at Washington DC on January 6th, 2021:

Ante Pavkovic, Frank Campana, and Assistant Director of OSA, Jason Storms, set up the Lord’s beachhead at this immense gathering. Here is the report.

We went to DC, meeting other OSA brethren there to engage in worship, prayers of repentance, to preach the Word of God, the Gospel, and to explain to the thousands there why our nation is on the precipice of ruin. The reason is SIN.

We preached and explained to the large crowds, with three high-powered speakers right in the middle of where folks were. We explained that our sins of forsaking the God of our fathers, replacing Him with Mammon, the love of money and success as our new god, our ingratitude, our fornicating and porno deviancy, and that we have murdered over 60 million babies, the fact that we have rebelled against the Created Order of one man and woman, and have embraced the abomination and deviant perversion of the Sodomite agenda, calling it good, that we don’t fear the Lord nor truly love Him, are the main reasons why we face conquest by communist fanatics and lunatics.

We preached the Gospel of salvation over and over. We also blasted anointed praise and worship music. The presence of God was there. People gathered around us to listen, and to pray and worship as we offered prayers of repentance for all the above sins, and we worshipped the Lord.

There were times of great grace being upon us. We could see many saints were encouraged by the bold and plain declarations of the Law/Word of God. Many came throughout the day to thank us and tell us their testimonies. Of course, a few didn’t like our preaching. We meet many precious saints, and with some, there will be friendships and we may even see them soon at future OSA events. It was a blessing to meet them and allow them to get in on the action with us and preach on the sound-system. They did great.

It was a great and exhausting time, as we spent ourselves out there. We warned that no man can save the United States. Only God can, IF WE REPENT and do works in keeping with repentance. We challenged them to be just as passionate about abolishing abortion, and to go the mills, offer the women help, and preach there. We told them they must work to end the murder of little babies. God is watching.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the privilege of being able to speak your Word, herald your greatness and warn of the Day of Reckoning. Our hope truly is in Christ and His shed blood.

As a result, the pro-aborts that troll our activities have sought to place Jason Storms, OSA, and myself on the insurrection list. God knows what will come of this insanity. Prayers are welcomed as we continue to serve God in this battle.

OSA’s Leadership Meeting/Winter Regional Event Report:


“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

The Lord prospered our way as saints from all over the country converged in Phoenix, AZ for our OSA regional event. The first night session was an emotional one for me personally. I choked out that the time had come for me to step down as national director of OSA and to make room for the younger lions to take the mantle of leadership.

Come June, at our national event back in Phoenix, AZ, I will step down and Jason Storms will be set in as the new national director of OSA. He has chosen pastor Derin Stidd and Lucas Childress to be his assistants. Please pray for a smooth transition as they must increase, and I must decrease. I pray you all will make the effort to come and participate as OSA makes this transition.

The next day, teams went to the death camps and we held a massive rally at the state capital. This rally for life drew in about 1000 folks demanding the complete abolition of abortion. There was a press conference as Rep. Walt Blackman presented his commitment to end abortion in the state of Arizona. Thankfully, he has about 10 co-sponsors to help move the bill along.

Here is the message the Lord gave me to deliver at the rally.

January 22nd, in the year of our Lord, 1973 is another day that will go down in infamy. On that dreadful day, the Supreme Court stepped outside its lawful jurisdiction and unleashed an iniquitous decree known as Roe vs. Wade. This legal fiction and pretend legislation replaced our national covenant of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness with a covenant of death, which has produced a culture of death currently savaging our nation.

If you wonder why our nation is in such a pitiful, pathetic state, look no further than child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood and parading our sin like Sodom. Our national abominations have reached heaven and national calamity has becomes our lot.

In the name of law, Roe, spread lawlessness. In the name of the Constitution, Roe violated the Constitution. In the name of rights, Roe, committed a grave wrong. In the name of justice, Roe, established an injustice.

As Americans, we must remember, the law is not just punitive in nature, the law is a teacher as well. The Bible declares, “The law was our tutor, schoolmaster, teacher to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” What has Roe taught, which wiped out one third of an entire generation? What impact has Roe on our nation. Roe vs Wade turned as mentioned:

  • Law into lawlessness
  • Women’s healthcare into hellish, pagan practice
  • Mothers, who are called to be nurturers and bind the wounds of life into accomplices to the murder of their own children. I know that is hard to hear for some, but it is true and only the truth can set us free. Without confessing the truth that we have violated “thou shall not murder,” the sin remains and there is no deliverance from this evil.
  • Fathers who are called to protect, provide, and care for women and children into passive, irresponsible males, who sire children and raise none.
  • The church who is called to love their neighbor as themselves, rescue those unjustly sentenced to death, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves into complacency and complicity with this national evil.
  • The state, who is to defend our God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness into tyranny
  • The culture, who abandoned self-government is the key to liberty into anarchy
  • And our children into this (We displayed a graphic aborted baby picture)

As a result, we are here today in a spirit of repentance and to bring forth fruit meet for repentance by backing Arizona’s bill of abolition. Representative Walt Blackman is introducing a bill that will criminalize abortion and penalize it by law. This bill is Arizona’s David’s stone aimed at the forehead of the Goliath of our day, abortion on demand. This bill will not tolerate compromise. It will make no deals with the devil. It will not seek to regulate baby murder, but to end it once and for all in Jesus’ mighty and holy name!

It is time for Arizona and our beleaguered nation to repent and believe the Gospel! The Kingdom of God is at hand. It is time to establish God’s demand for justice that our land might be cleansed from blood guiltiness! All those in agreement say amen, awomen, will not be necessary. God bless you all and keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name!

On Saturday, we went to the death camps and 2 babies and families that we know of were spared the horrors of abortion. Praise God! Afterwards Love Life from North Carolina and the Apologia pastors ministered at our last 2 sessions. God is bringing together significant ministry groups to build a network to increase the effectiveness of this movement to ignore Roe, establish justice, and abolish all abortion in Jesus’ name!

OSA’s National Event

 The dates are June 23rd-26th, 2021. The location is Phoenix, AZ The theme is Further Up and Further In.

If you or someone you know has ever participated in OSA and served the Lord through this ministry, it is vital everyone try make it to this significant gathering. As mentioned, there will be a change of leadership in OSA.

It is a bitter/sweet time for me and my family. We have served in this ministry for 33 years. 27 of those years in a position of leadership. 20 years serving as an Assistant to brother Flip Benham and 7 years as national director. Hope to see you there.