The bill SB495 to Abolish Abortion immediately and totally in Oklahoma will be heard in committee tomorrow at 9 am. It is vitally important that every Senator in the Human and Health Services Committee hear from you GRACIOUSLY ENCOURAGING them to support SB 495 The Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act.
This is the brief letter I sent to this group of magistrates.
Dear Honorable Oklahoma Legislators,
The Lord richly bless you! I realize the stress you must be under concerning SB 495. I’m sure “the powers that be” place much pressure upon you to maintain the status quo of the pro-life position that only regulates baby murder, but never ends it.
It is this compromised posture that has sustained the American holocaust for 48 years and counting. The pro-life movement has been bottlenecked by the tyrannical Supreme Court and has been reduced to a pro-life hamster wheel. Much money, effort, and time is spent maintaining the status quo while innocent babies in the womb continue to be murdered under our watch.
Pro-life politicians get their votes and pro-life groups raise their money and everyone gets want they want, except the victims of this national travesty of justice, the preborn child who is made in the image of God. To say this must end is the understatement of this century.
Roe vs. Wade violated the function of civil government. It is a lawless, iniquitous decree. It is pretend legislation and legal fiction. Even the Biden administration farce has admitted this truth. He has promised to codify Roe into law, which means it was never binding in the first place. God forgive us for our complacency and complicity with this national evil that has brought national calamity upon us.
Civil government was ordained by God with a 2-fold purpose: To restrain evil, so we do not descend back to the precondition wickedness before Noah’s flood and to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood. Genesis 9:6 declares, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, (Criminal) by man his blood shall be shed; (Civil Government) For in the image of God He made man.”
Since Roe, our government has betrayed its sacred trust and has ended up defending the indefensible. The sword meant as a ministry of justice has been perverted to the point our government protects the murder of the innocent and punishes Christians who peaceably intervene to save their lives.
With this bill, Oklahoma stands on the verge of making redemptive history. By passing this bill, you will be the first state to establish God’s justice, remove the stain of blood guiltiness, and be consistent with American jurisprudence concerning equal justice under law.
I beseech you by all you hold sacred to be strong and of a good courage. Do your duty and what is right before God as those who will stand before Him one day to give an account and remember these words by John Quincy Adams our sixth President, “Duty in Mine, the result belong to God.”
Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
National Director, Operation Rescue/Operation Save America
Here are their email addresses to encourage them to cross the line of obedience and make redemptive history in Jesus’ name!,,,,,,,,,,