God has not given us the moral authority to make deals with the devil and his crowd when it comes to the lives of the preborn. Any pro-life legislation that ends with the caveat, “Now you can murder the baby” must be rejected.
The motive may be good to save some lives, but that strategy still inadvertently strengthens the legal fiction and pretend legislation of Roe vs. Wade. It has prolonged the suffering of the preborn for several decades as we have denied our Lord, compromised his truth, ignored His law, and exchanged his help for the political strategies of men.
We have to move from the sinking sand policies of the pro-life movement and rebuild on the solid rock of God’s Word. The Scriptures remind us there is only one legitimate foundation for all of life and that is the person of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul, however, admonishes us to be careful how we build upon the cornerstone of our salvation.
Most of what we have built is a house of cards where we spend millions of dollars, put forth great efforts and resources to pass “pro-life laws” that the rogue courts wait in line to throw out as unconstitutional.
It is time to ignore the courts and defy the tyrants that unleashed this hell upon our nation. It is time for the church and the states to rise up and say no to the federal beast that has been used to destroy children and the God ordained family. What say you Church?”