Though God’s laws are negative in nature, “Thou Shalt Not,” they are the bulwark of liberty. They are the embankments that keep the river of freedom flowing properly. Remove the embankments and liberty becomes licentiousness, which invariably results in tyranny.
Man’s pursuit of evolutionary law, however, is positive in nature. Government declares, “Thou shalt” with taxes, license fees, and regulatory fines attached to increase government’s power. Positive law subjects citizens to the dictates of government, which typically curtails their freedom already granted to them by God.
The Declaration of Independence rejected positive law. Our Founding Fathers articulated that our liberty originated with God and government’s purpose is to protect our God-given rights. Statists use positive law to control its citizens. This fabricated law system diminishes liberty.
God did not give his laws to make men good. He established his laws to restrain evil, protect life, liberty, and property. He sent his Son to not necessarily make men good through his great salvation but bring dead men back to life again. BTW, Blessed Resurrection day!
Man’s evolutionary view of law seeks to force men to be “good,” according to their statist worldview thereby restricting liberty. In other words, evolutionists do not reject the notion of salvation. They just reject God’s version of salvation.
Man can still be “saved” by keeping their laws and public policies. This is why leftists gravitate toward seats of power. They must capture the sword of civil government to implement their Marxist plan to “save” the world through their positive laws.
Christians rightly reject this notion. Man’s salvation comes by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8, 9).
Hope to see you in Birmingham, Alabama, May 13-15 and in AZ from June 23rd-26th for our national event. Keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize.