OSA Spring Regional Event, May 13th-15th, Birmingham, AL. The three-fold goal is to recruit more good soldiers to enter the fray to end abortion in AL, create a network of believers that will carry the vision and mission forward after we leave, and introduce a bill of abolition soon.
Abolish Abortion North Carolina Conference, May 22-26th, Raleigh, NC. The goal here is to support Rep. Larry Pittman and his bill of abolition, HB158.
Strike a Blow for Freedom Rally/Press Conference, June 7th, New Orleans, LA, 8-noon, Fifth District Court. OSA is hosting a rally/press conference in support of Pastor Tony Spell. This brother has been arrested numerous times for keeping his church open during this “plandemic.” He has been charged by both the state and the feds.
Judge Roy Moore is defending him, who will be with us in Birmingham next week. We will set up at the federal court to rebuke both the church and the state who gave to Caesar what belongs solely to God. We will stand with this dear brother who honored his Lord, fought for the church, and our freedom.
OSA Nation Event, June 23-26th, Phoenix, AZ. The theme is Further up and Further in. This will be my last official time leading the charge as OSA’s national director. On Saturday, June 26th, we will be setting in Jason Storms and new national director and Pastor Derin A Stidd and Lucas-Carrie Childress as new assistant directors of OSA.
Sure hope to see you somewhere at one of these Kingdom gatherings and outreaches.