Never know what a day will bring in serving the Lord. God opened the door to be interviewed by brother Nick Vujicic, the limbless Evangelist in Dallas yesterday. In God’s Providence, today was his first launched recorded show and somehow he invited me to be his first guest. Who would have thunk it?
God is convicting him about abortion and we have been corresponding about the differences between pro-lifeism and abolition.
This brother has an incredible platform that reaches throughout the world. Please pray for him and this first show that features the most Biblical, just response to end the American holocaust in Jesus’ name.
He wants to stay in touch to further the relationship and to learn more about the cause to no longer regulate baby murder, but to end it in Jesus’ name.
I also sent him a copy of the rough draft of our newest book “Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion.” The purpose was to help him get rooted and grounded Biblically in the just cause to abolish abortion and avoid the pitfalls and failures of the pro-life movement.
Prayerfully, God will use this in his life as well.
Now, unto Raleigh, NC or bust. Hope to see our NC peeps at this important and strategic event to abolish abortion in Jesus’ name!