This just in from Pastor Derin A Stidd, assistant director, Operation Rescue/Operation Save America:
Update on the Resolution to Abolish Abortion at the SBC annual meeting:
First the good news. The resolution itself passed with a fairly substantial majority.
Then the bad news. The resolution was amended to add a single word that undermined the spirit of the entire resolution.
Here’s my overall assessment. Even in its amended form, the resolution is still tremendously valuable because it lays out the entire case for abolitionism, and that case is now an official part of the record of the SBC annual meeting.
Also, Southern Baptist were highly favorable toward the resolution even before it was amended. How do I know that? Because on Tuesday night when pastor Bill asked the messenger to move the resolution the floor, despite the committees disapproval, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of bringing the resolution the floor.
This is literally unprecedented! I asked several people older Southern Baptist if they had ever seen this accomplished before, and they all said no.
Additionally, while the resolution was being debated today a messenger made a motion to permanently table the resolution, which would in effect kill the resolution, and the messengers overwhelmingly voted down that motion.
Friends, God permitted us to have a tremendous influence on the Southern Baptist Convention this year!
-Through the grass roots mobilization efforts of Southern Baptists for Abolishing Abortion we were able to get our resolution in the hands of thousands of southern Baptist.
-Bill Ascol was able to speak to the entire convention about abolitionism not once but twice, along with Brett Baggett, and another women who we didn’t even know.
We made *HUGE* strides this week!
May Christ be praised!