Hard to believe the last day of our national event has arrived. It includes the last day I’ll lead as national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. We will have the blessing and honor to set in Jason Storms as new director this evening. May Christ be praised.
This morning the saints are preparing to face the heat of AZ and the fiery, hellish practice of child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood once more. We are trusting as we proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom that God will watch over His Word to perform it. Your prayers are welcomed and needed.
This afternoon’s livestream session includes Jason Storms and I tag teaming to minister to the youth. It will start as 2:30 pm Mountain time.
Our last rally night will feature attorney Bradley Pierce as the preliminary speaker, and we will conclude the event by setting in Jason Storms. Hope you can make it, if not, join us livestream at our Operation Rescue/Operation Save America Facebook page. Keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name!